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Corel Painter 12 is a completely revolutionary update for the popular natural media emulator. Awesome new features, massive computing power improvements, and a completely redesigned user interface make this version a must have for anybody serious about producing artwork on a computer. Taught by longtime illustrator and fine artist Jason Maranto, this Corel Painter 12 Advanced course is designed to quickly take your understanding of this powerful application to a higher level. Focusing heavily on the highly customizable nature of Painter while using an in-depth but easy-to-follow style, this VTC course will help you to master Painter and create with confidence like never before. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links!

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  Introduction (04:51)
  Custom Menus (06:33)
  Custom Icons (05:32)
  Custom Brushes (03:01)
  Brush Folders (06:36)
Media Controls
  Gradients (06:48)
  Capturing / Expressing a Gradient (06:06)
  Gradient Libraries (06:00)
  Using Gradients in Brushes (04:50)
  Patterns (08:19)
  Pattern Pens (06:54)
  Pattern Pen Settings (08:38)
  Defining a Pattern (05:13)
  Weaves (04:53)
Time-Saving Tools
  Image Portfolio (04:00)
  Selection Portfolio (06:17)
  Creating a Look (05:30)
  Scripts Panel (04:57)
  Record Initial State (06:33)
  Editing Scripts (04:33)
  Image Processing (03:05)
  Resolution Independent Scripts (03:38)
Brush Control Basics
  Expression (05:37)
  Opacity Expression (07:58)
  Brush Calibration (05:42)
  Size (03:30)
  Spacing (06:41)
  Angle (06:02)
  Jitter (03:57)
  Color Variability (06:13)
  Well (06:07)
  Dab Profile (04:55)
Specialized Brush Controls
  Captured Dab / Computed Circular (05:22)
  Hard Media (08:06)
  Static Bristle (05:09)
  Real Bristle (08:10)
  Airbrush (05:12)
  Liquid Ink (06:59)
  Ink Types (05:28)
  Water (08:03)
  Artist Oils (06:04)
  Impasto (05:32)
Real Watercolor
  Wet Method (07:32)
  Real Watercolor Controls (07:22)
  Adjusting Settings (07:45)
  Real Wet Subcategories (05:53)
  Real Dry Subcategories (03:29)
  My Real Watercolor Brushes (09:47)
Real Wet Oil
  Real Wet Oil (05:16)
  Real Wet Oil as a Blender (05:00)
  Default Real Wet Oil Variants (04:37)
  My Real Wet Oil Brushes (06:15)
Stroke Attributes
  Use Stroke Attributes (03:33)
  Merge Modes (06:10)
  Default Gel Variants (03:13)
  My Merge Mode Brushes (04:37)
  Clone Color (03:40)
  Clone Type (05:06)
  Clone Location (02:51)
  Auto Clone / Van Gogh (03:45)
Image Hose
  Image Hose (07:22)
  Using Grain (05:29)
  Creating a Nozzle (05:22)
  Ranks (06:31)
Making Art with Effects
  Apply Marbling and Blobs (07:54)
  Pop Art Fill (05:57)
  Serigraphy (07:09)
  Woodcut (03:21)
  Make Mosaic (07:19)
  Placing Tiles (05:51)
  Stroke and Fill (05:15)
  Adding Relief (05:28)
  Make Tessellation (04:15)
Movie Menu
  New Movie (09:03)
  Shape-Based Animation (05:27)
  Using Effects (02:46)
  Opening a Movie (04:12)
  Saving a Movie (05:18)
  Custom Tile (05:31)
  Course Wrap Up (04:43)
  About the Author (02:59)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Corel Painter 12 Advanced
Author: Jason Maranto
SKU: 34280
ISBN: 978-1-61866-022-0
Release Date: 2011-11-29
Duration: 8 hrs / 81 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: Available on CD and Online University
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
QuickTime 7

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