VTC Online University

VTC Online University - The Basics

Online University VTC Online University is one of the most valuable training resources on the web. For just US$30* per month or US$250* per year you will have access to in-depth training on hundreds of today's most sought-after applications, with over 81,350 narrated QuickTime (newer courses also offered in Flash format for Online University members) tutorials. You have access to ALL VTC content! Tutorials can be streamed over any Internet connection directly to your computer. Try a FREE demo right now!


* This service is priced in US Dollars for all customers world wide as the Online U services are provided from our Head Office in Virginia, USA.

What's the Difference Between CD and Online U?

VTC Training The content of the tutorials is the same for both CDs and Online University members, but the difference between the two is in the delivery of content. The video tutorials that stream to your computer from the Online University have been compressed a little more than those on the CD to ensure that the VTC Online University works even for dial-up customers. This means that the sound quality is not quite as crisp as that on the CDs. Also, you MUST be online in order to play the tutorials with the Online University. With VTC CDs you can enjoy your training anywhere. All content on VTC CDs (including work files) is also available through the VTC Online University.


Single-User / Multi-User pricing - Unlimited access to entire library

Single-User - US$30/month or US$250/year

Multi-User per concurrent user - $US200 per year or $US20 per month, minimum 5 user license.

Example (in US$):
5 user - $1,000 per year or $100 a month
10 user - $2,000 per year or $200 a month
20 user - $4,000 per year or $400 a month
30 user - $6,000 per year or $600 a month
50 user - $10,000 per year or $1,000 a month

Multi-users can create or import any number of subusers via our system and get full reporting on what they use etc., along with exceeded login requests over the maximum allowed. You can also limit logins to a single IP or IP range and export HTML content detail pages with embedded encrypted login built in.