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Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the industry standard in vector art illustration. From the creation of logos to posters to menus and more, Illustrator has the tools to help bring your creativity to life. In this VTC course, you will learn how to use the new interface, panels, and tools, as well as the new features like pattern creation, improved image trace, save for web, gradients on strokes, and Gaussian blur enhancements. Professional illustrator, television animation art director, and writer Dwayne Ferguson gives you an in-depth look at Illustrator CS6, taking you through the tools and features you will need to master to take your creativity to the next level. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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  New in Illustrator CS6 (01:52)
  Vectors vs Pixels (05:20)
  Peripherals (04:50)
Illustrator Interface
  Panels and Tools (04:32)
  Document Window (05:25)
  Artboards Panel (05:48)
  Navigation (03:35)
  Workspaces (04:15)
  Templates (04:35)
  Layers (05:41)
  Save for Web (04:59)
Select and Transform
  Selection Tools (03:31)
  Stacking Order (03:43)
  Grouping (03:48)
  Rulers and Grids (04:18)
  Alignment (03:44)
  Distribution (03:38)
  Repeat Transform (05:08)
Draw and Edit
  The Pen Tool (06:47)
  Edit Points (06:51)
  Draw Modes (03:59)
  Isolation Mode (03:38)
  Blob Brush (05:07)
  Art Brushes (03:49)
Colors and Gradients
  Swatches (04:00)
  Swatch Libraries (03:25)
  Strokes and Fills (06:26)
  Live Paint (04:08)
  Meshes (04:29)
  Blends (04:25)
  Gradients (06:02)
  Gradients on Strokes pt. 1 (03:25)
  Gradients on Strokes pt. 2 (05:14)
Strokes and Shapes
  Dashes (02:55)
  Variable Width (04:19)
  Compound Shapes (03:39)
  Shape Builder (04:17)
  Pathfinder Panel (03:05)
Filters and Effects
  Gaussian Blur (04:37)
  Distortions (05:16)
  Shadows (05:33)
  Envelopes (03:57)
Perspective and 3D
  Perspective pt. 1 (05:02)
  Perspective pt. 2 (03:45)
  3D Tools pt. 1 (03:38)
  3D Tools pt. 2 (03:53)
  Work with Type (04:21)
  Create Outlines (03:23)
  Type on Paths (05:25)
  Image Trace pt. 1 (04:37)
  Image Trace pt. 2 (04:10)
  Sketch Tracing (06:08)
  Patterns pt. 1 (04:37)
  Patterns pt. 2 (03:31)
  Clipping Mask (03:16)
  Opacity Mask (05:14)
  Symbol Library (03:39)
  Create and Edit (05:04)
Project: Skull Pattern Shirt
  Project Overview (01:45)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 1 (06:56)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 2 (06:25)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 3 (05:08)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 4 (05:14)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 5 (03:18)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 6 (06:27)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 7 (06:54)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 8 (06:16)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 9 (05:56)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 10 (05:36)
  Skull Pattern Shirt pt. 11 (03:44)
Project: Ice Age Logo
  Project Overview (03:28)
  Ice Age Logo pt. 1 (05:46)
  Ice Age Logo pt. 2 (07:13)
  Ice Age Logo pt. 3 (05:25)
  Ice Age Logo pt. 4 (06:38)
  Ice Age Logo pt. 5 (02:45)
  Ice Age Logo pt. 6 (06:25)
  Ice Age Logo pt. 7 (06:42)
  Ice Age Logo pt. 8 (06:25)
  Ice Age Logo pt. 9 (03:37)
Project: Orc War Banner
  Project Overview (03:14)
  Orc War Banner pt. 1 (06:54)
  Orc War Banner pt. 2 (06:38)
  Orc War Banner pt. 3 (06:06)
  Orc War Banner pt. 4 (03:46)
Project: Menu Cover
  Project Overview (03:23)
  Design Brief (05:20)
  Menu Cover pt. 1 (05:03)
  Menu Cover pt. 2 (06:40)
  Menu Cover pt. 3 (06:56)
  Menu Cover pt. 4 (05:04)
  Menu Cover pt. 5 (06:03)
  Menu Cover pt. 6 (06:46)
  Menu Cover pt. 7 (06:58)
  Menu Cover pt. 8 (06:24)
  Menu Cover pt. 9 (06:30)
  Menu Cover pt. 10 (03:04)
  Menu Cover pt. 11 (06:10)
  Course Wrap Up (02:00)
  About the Author (02:50)

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Title: Adobe Illustrator CS6
Author: Dwayne Ferguson
SKU: 34368
ISBN: 978-1-61866-063-3
Release Date: 2012-09-19
Duration: 8 hrs / 100 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: Available on CD and Online University
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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