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Ready to take your Photoshop skills to the next level? Dive in with award-winning software trainer, artist, and designer Geoff Blake; he will teach you how to take your Photoshop skills to the max. First, he'll introduce the new Photoshop CS6 interface and show you how to make it your own. Then, you'll learn techniques for handling files and working efficiently in the Photoshop environment. Following this, you'll see how to create accurate selections, work with layers, and use masks and alpha channels. Next, jump into photo retouching and color correction, where you'll be introduced to some new productivity methods in Photoshop CS6. Finally, discover how to apply special effects to your images, both destructively and non-destructively. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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Course Overview
  Overview (02:40)
Getting Started with Photoshop
  Understanding Raster Graphics (05:04)
  A Look at the New Darkened Interface (04:12)
  Touring the Redesigned Interface (04:55)
  Photoshop Toolbox (06:56)
  Photoshop Palettes (07:54)
  Additional Palette Options (04:44)
  Setting Photoshop Preferences (06:44)
Navigating & Working with Files
  Customizing the Interface (05:27)
  Exploring & Saving Workspaces (05:30)
  Creating New Blank Documents (06:02)
  Opening Files (03:10)
  Handling Multiple Files (05:23)
  Zooming In & Out (04:48)
  Navigation & Zooming Techniques (03:04)
  Getting Around with the Navigator (03:35)
  Additional Navigation Techniques (03:19)
  Photoshop Screen Modes (04:01)
Photoshop Productivity Techniques
  Undoing Steps with History (06:48)
  Additional History Options (06:27)
  Reverting Files (03:28)
  Using New Auto-Save & Auto-Recovery (03:43)
  Saving & Understanding File Formats (04:40)
  Finding Files with Mini Bridge (05:36)
Resizing & Cropping Images
  Getting Started (07:43)
  Touring the Image Size Dialog (06:32)
  Understanding PPI / DPI / LPI (03:21)
  Using the Image Size Dialog (05:09)
  Understanding Resampling pt. 1 (03:32)
  Understanding Resampling pt. 2 (07:04)
  Resizing without Resampling (07:05)
  Resizing Using Resampling (05:00)
  Traditional Cropping (04:54)
  New Crop Features pt. 1 (05:34)
  New Crop Features pt. 2 (05:18)
  Resizing the Canvas (06:37)
Working with Selections
  Getting Started with Selections (04:29)
  Creating Elliptical Selections (08:19)
  Moving & Floating Selections (04:17)
  Transforming Selections (06:22)
  Creating Selections with the Magic Wand (04:49)
  Using the Free Transform Command (06:10)
  Using the Polygonal Selection Tool (06:21)
  Combining Selection Tools (05:47)
  Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool (06:33)
  Using the Quick Selection Tool (06:21)
Working with Layers
  A Tour of the Layers Panel (05:13)
  Pulling Objects from Backgrounds pt. 1 (06:41)
  Pulling Objects from Backgrounds pt. 2 (04:35)
  Combining Images (05:17)
  New Layers & Filling Selections (05:06)
  Working with Smart Objects (07:46)
  Introducing Layer Styles (05:53)
  Additional Layer Style Effects (05:49)
  Blending Modes & Opacity (05:09)
  Organizing Layers with Layer Groups (04:44)
  Additional Layer Techniques (05:39)
  Creating & Formatting Text (04:20)
  Using Paragraph Text (05:49)
  Using Photoshops New Text Styles (06:14)
  Filtering Layers by Type (04:42)
Photoshop Masking Techniques
  Creating Selections with Color Range (07:04)
  A First Look at Quick Mask Mode (03:58)
  Understanding Quick Mask Mode (04:08)
  Quick Mask Mode Techniques (05:07)
  Saving & Reloading Selections (05:35)
  Editing Alpha Channels (04:26)
  Introducing Layer Masks (04:28)
  Another Method for Initiating a Mask (04:54)
  Techniques for Faster Masking (05:49)
  Enabling / Disabling / Unlinking Masks (03:37)
  Creating Clipping Groups (05:15)
Photo Retouching
  Removing Red Eye (03:06)
  Using the Clone Stamp Tool (05:26)
  Using the New Content-Aware Patch Tool (04:19)
Color Correcting Photos
  Understanding Color Modes (06:37)
  How RGB & CMYK Work (04:52)
  Understanding Black Point & White Point (05:34)
  Using the Auto Correction (05:53)
  Getting Started with Brightness/Contrast (04:55)
  Using Hue/Saturation (04:15)
  Understanding Histograms (04:14)
  Correcting with Levels (05:52)
  Introducing Curves (05:40)
  Non-Destructive Correcting (06:58)
  New Auto Correct Options in CS6 (04:19)
Filters & Effects
  Getting Started with Filters (05:13)
  Working with the Filter Gallery (05:54)
  Using Filters Non-Destructively (04:51)
  Tilt-Shift Effects & Lens Blur (06:46)
  Course Wrap Up (02:45)
  About the Author (00:53)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Author: Geoff Blake
SKU: 34367
ISBN: 978-1-61866-062-6
Release Date: 2012-09-19
Duration: 8 hrs / 92 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: Available on CD and Online University
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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