Oracle Certified Database Administrator Training Area (Titles available on CD and online)


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EXAM 1Z0-007

Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

Total Lessons: 165
Total Time: 12 Hours

Virtual Training Company's Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL covers in detail the Relational Database Model, the Oracle Architecture, and the Physical Database. The tutorial is aimed at programmers, and individuals who have had prior SQL and relational database experience. Gavin Powell, your instructor, teaches users Oracle tools SQL Plus, SQL Plus Worksheet, and Oracle Enterprise Manager. The tutorial explains how to maintain the Logical Database and the differences between the Logical and Physical Databases. You will be guided, with great detail, in the following areas: retrieving, changing, adding, and deleting data from the database. Learn about Logical Database Objects, Security, Select Statements, and much more. Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL will cover areas for the Oracle Certification course #1Z0-007.

EXAM 1Z0-031

Oracle Database Administration Fundamentals I

Total Lessons: 99
Total Time: 8 Hours

This is the second in a series of courses, aimed at preparing the user for Oracle Certification exam #1Z0-031. This course will teach Oracle Database Administration Fundamentals, installing Oracle, Creating Databases, Managing Objects in the Database, and much more. This course expands on the first course offered by VTC - Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.

EXAM 1Z0-032

Oracle Database Administration Fundamentals II

Total Lessons: 181
Total Time: 8 Hours

Oracle Database Administration Fundamentals II is the third in a series of four courses covering the Oracle Certification track (course #1Z0-032). Like the other courses in this series of Oracle Certification titles, this course teaches and demonstrates by example using thoroughly tested examples. Your instructor, Gavin Powell, covers Oracle Net Services, Backup and Recovery including RMAN, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Transportable Tablespaces and SQL*Loader. In addition, there are small sections introducing other Oracle optional features such as Standby Databases (both Logical and Physical) plus Replication (both traditional and using Streams). Net Services covers architecture, connection configuration, listener configuration (from basics to Connection Profiling and Load Balancing), all the facts about Connection Strings and Oracle Net Services naming methods, even introducing some advanced features.

EXAM 1Z0-033

Oracle: Performance Tuning (1Z0-033)

Total Lessons: 194
Total Time: 11 Hours

VTC author, Gavin Powell, covers material in the 1Z0-033 Oracle 9i tuning certification examination, including the basics of performance tuning and tuning tools. Memory tuning covers the shared pool, the database buffer cache and other buffers. From an I/O perspective, topics covered are physical file structures of the database, tablespaces, datafiles and at the block level. Also covered are sorting, locking, latches and wait events, shared or dedicated server processes, statistics, SQL code tuning and resource management. There is also brief coverage of tuning in the operating system, plus specialized objects use.

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