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Encore CS6 is the latest update of Adobe\'s professional-level, industry-standard DVD and Blu-ray authoring program. It can be called an ancillary program to Adobe\'s Premiere Pro CS6 in that it provides a link between your videos and a finished DVD, Blu-ray disc, or Flash-based program. In this VTC course, author and expert Mark Struthers will initially cover some important considerations necessary to DVD creation before moving through many examples of real-world projects as he shows you how to create effective and fully functioning menus. This course covers all aspects of the program so that you will have the skills you need to create many different types of DVD projects. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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  Introduction (05:48)
  What Encore Is (05:27)
  Encore Requirements (04:04)
  Project Planning (07:03)
  Encore Content (03:28)
  Internet Resources (04:57)
  Sourcing Footage (03:49)
  Centralizing Assets (05:21)
  Installation Tips (05:36)
  Format Considerations (06:15)
  Data Rates (05:30)
  Bit Budgeting (03:47)
  Aspect Ratios (06:27)
  Frame Rates (06:55)
  Timecode (06:51)
  Encore Workflow (04:39)
  Project Size Considerations (06:55)
  Splash Screen Options (03:21)
  Existing Projects (06:27)
  New Projects (03:16)
Moving Forward
  User Interface First Look (05:43)
  Workspaces (06:57)
  Project Panel (06:54)
  Properties Panel (03:48)
  Preferences and Settings (05:49)
  Further Preferences (06:43)
  Transcoding (03:26)
  Importing Assets (04:48)
  Dynamic Link Importing (05:28)
  Creating Folders (06:18)
  Creating Timelines (07:00)
  Managing Audio (06:14)
  Foreign Language (04:20)
  Simple DVD Creation (03:48)
  Actions Explained (03:43)
  Properties Inspecting (07:03)
  Adjusting and Inspecting pt. 1 (03:34)
  Adjusting and Inspecting pt. 2 (03:12)
  Static and Motion Menus (05:18)
  Metadata (02:57)
  Chapter Markers (07:00)
  Poster Frames (02:37)
Menus and Functions
  Menu Templates (04:36)
  Menu Library (03:45)
  Customising Menus (06:45)
  Editing Text (06:38)
  Editing in Photoshop (06:16)
  Integrating Styles (06:11)
  Menu from Scratch pt. 1 (05:54)
  Menu from Scratch pt. 2 (04:06)
  Assembling the Project (05:37)
  Bespoke Menu Backgrounds (06:06)
  Creating Buttons (06:24)
  Menu Function Buttons (07:05)
Library and Buttons
  Buttons Explored (05:54)
  Buttons Explained (06:43)
  Remote Button View (06:58)
  Navigating the Library (04:47)
  Backgrounds Considerations (03:40)
  Using Objects (05:31)
  Adapting Objects (03:56)
  Replacement Layers (04:31)
  Project Panel Assets (04:45)
  Animating Buttons and Menus (04:29)
  Button Routing (07:05)
  Menu Color Sets (06:15)
Extending Encore
  Adding Subtitles (03:42)
  Editing Subtitles pt. 1 (05:47)
  Editing Subtitles pt. 2 (03:53)
  Creating a Playlist (06:58)
  Chapter Playlists (05:07)
  Preview Browser (04:33)
  Slideshow Set Up (05:40)
  Slideshow Audio (04:31)
  Adapting Slideshows (06:06)
  Slideshow Effects (06:18)
  Blu-ray or DVD (03:38)
  Flowcharts (03:59)
Expanding Encore
  Easter Eggs (05:03)
  Integrating After Effects (02:33)
  Menu Audio and Video (05:14)
  Video Thumbnail Buttons (03:57)
  Correcting the Canvas (05:10)
  First Play (03:02)
  Disc Properties (05:22)
  Modifying User Operation (04:22)
  Overrides (04:23)
  Setting Button Links (03:01)
Test and Export
  Checking the Project (04:21)
  Correcting a Project (04:06)
  Building a DVD (04:54)
  How It Works (07:03)
  Adapting the Project (03:05)
  Course Wrap Up (02:52)
  About the Author (00:57)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe Encore CS6
Author: Mark Struthers
SKU: 34374
ISBN: 978-1-61866-068-8
Release Date: 2012-10-03
Duration: 8 hrs / 95 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: Available on CD and Online University
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
QuickTime 7

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