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Jump head-long into the world of Adobe Flash Catalyst, where you\'ll learn how to build engaging, interactive environments for your users. Begin by getting an understanding of what Flash Catalyst is and getting comfortable within the interface, then head right into building a wireframe design. You\'ll learn Flash Catalyst fundamentals like layout options, managing layers, building states, and adding simple interactions. Next, you\'ll learn about how to develop projects further with Illustrator and Photoshop, how to create projects from scratch within Catalyst, and how to skin and develop components. From there, you\'ll delve into a project workflow, where learn how to plan, scratch-build, and develop your Catalyst applications, how to add interactions and transitions, and how to publish your projects to SWF and AIR. The world of Flash Catalyst awaits! Click the movie links below to get started.

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Course Introduction
  Course Overview (02:54)
Introducing Flash Catalyst CS5.5
  What Flash Catalyst Is (03:25)
  Understanding Catalyst Building Blocks (03:42)
  Welcome Screen and Creating a Project (05:04)
  Flash Catalyst Interface pt. 1 (03:21)
  Flash Catalyst Interface pt. 2 (05:09)
  Customizing the Interface (03:43)
  Design and Code Views (03:45)
  Zooming and Navigating (04:26)
  Additional Zooming Techniques (03:47)
  Understanding Pages and States (04:41)
Building a Wireframe Design
  Planning Your Project (04:37)
  Viewing the Final Result (03:13)
  Creating the Project File (04:47)
  Getting the Layout Underway (05:23)
  Adding in Components (06:57)
  Inserting Design Time Data (03:32)
  Adding in Text (04:22)
  Arranging the App Structure (06:22)
  Building the App Further pt. 1 (06:24)
  Building the App Further pt. 2 (08:08)
  Creating Basic Interactions (03:31)
  Previewing the Application (01:39)
Creating a New Project
  Downloading Design Elements (05:38)
  Developing in Illustrator pt. 1 (05:43)
  Developing in Illustrator pt. 2 (06:54)
  Developing in Illustrator pt. 3 (07:51)
  Developing in Photoshop pt. 1 (03:50)
  Developing in Photoshop pt. 2 (04:59)
  Developing in Photoshop pt. 3 (08:19)
  Starting a Project in Flash Catalyst (03:54)
Creating and Editing Content
  Drawing Rectangles and Ellipses (04:21)
  Drawing Polygons and Lines (03:30)
  Selecting Objects (05:55)
  Adjusting Object Properties (04:31)
  Applying Fills (05:02)
  Applying Strokes (03:14)
  Aligning and Spacing Content (05:28)
  Grouping and Selecting (04:14)
  Stacking Order (03:23)
  Using Guides and Rulers (04:55)
States / Layers / Artwork
  Working with Layers (07:21)
  Organizing Layers (02:38)
  Working with States (06:03)
  Moving Objects Between States (05:21)
  Importing Illustrator Content (06:14)
  Importing Photoshop Content (05:05)
  Importing Images (01:06)
Inserting and Skinning Components
  Understanding Components (02:20)
  Working with Button Elements (05:02)
  Creating Checkboxes (03:14)
  Using Radio Buttons and Radio Groups (05:53)
  Using Text Input Fields (02:26)
  Creating Horizontal and Vertical Sliders (04:19)
  Working with Toggle Buttons (02:30)
  Skinning a Button Method pt. 1 (06:46)
  Skinning a Button Method pt. 2 (06:23)
  Skinning Scroll Bars (04:26)
  Inserting a Combo Box (03:10)
  Using Drop Down Components (02:10)
  Working with Button Bars (03:00)
  Inserting a Numeric Stepper (02:05)
  Building a Custom Data List (06:10)
  Creating a Custom List pt. 1 (04:59)
  Creating a Custom List pt. 2 (03:56)
  Adding Custom Data (02:20)
Building a Project in Illustrator
  Viewing the Completed Project (02:46)
  Setting Up the Illustrator File (04:46)
  Getting the Wireframe Underway (08:15)
  Inserting and Masking the Photo (03:46)
  Inserting Text (03:12)
  Creating the Navigation Buttons (05:18)
  Adding in Other Text Elements (02:30)
  Applying Color to the Layout (05:18)
  Applying a Bevel Effect (03:50)
  Organizing the Projects Layers (04:46)
  Beginning the Second State (02:59)
  Creating the Checkmarks (06:45)
  Creating the Toggle Buttons (04:30)
  Building the Slider pt. 1 (06:20)
  Building the Slider pt. 2 (03:27)
  Creating the Navigation Buttons (03:20)
  Finalizing the Second State (04:35)
  Setting Up the Third State (04:39)
  Creating the Text Fields (04:34)
  Finishing Up the Third State (05:59)
  Beginning the Fourth State (06:38)
  Wrapping Up the Illustrator Layout (03:51)
Developing the Project in Flash Catalyst
  Importing the Illustrator Project (04:30)
  Setting Up the Applications States (03:53)
  Creating the Main Button Component (06:32)
  Duplicating the Button Component (05:58)
  Adding an Interaction to the Button (03:14)
  Creating the Checkbox Components (05:39)
  Inserting the Checkbox Components (04:07)
  Building the Toggle Buttons pt. 1 (08:00)
  Building the Toggle Buttons pt. 2 (02:09)
  Setting Up the Horizontal Slider (04:10)
  Building the Interface Buttons (05:34)
  Creating the Contact Info State (04:59)
  Creating the Submit State (03:27)
Adding Interactions
  A Closer Look at Interactions (03:53)
  Creating a Self-Running Interaction (02:35)
  Editing Interactions (02:08)
Creating Transitions
  Viewing the Timelines Panel (03:50)
  Creating a Smooth Transition (05:37)
  Creating a Move Transition (03:43)
  Defining a Rotate Transition (02:58)
Publishing Your Work
  Publishing to SWF (03:51)
  Publishing to Adobe AIR (03:15)
  Wrapping Up (02:17)
  About the Author (00:54)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5
Author: Geoff Blake
SKU: 34259
ISBN: 978-1-61866-009-1
Release Date: 2011-09-16
Duration: 8.5 hrs / 112 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: Available on CD and Online University
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
QuickTime 7

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