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Cancel after you sign up at My Account | Cancel Account.

Renew Account once your payment has been processed, but at least two business days before your renewal date. You will still have access for the time you've paid for.

There are three ways that you may cancel your VTC Online University account. Please be aware that cancellation requests should be received 2 business days prior to the next renewal date so that VTC Customer Service is able to remove the periodic billing for your account from the credit card system before the account automatically renews. An account may be canceled by doing any of the following:

1) Log in to Navigate to My Account | Cancel Account and follow the instructions provided.

2) Send an email to You will receive an email confirmation from customer service that your account has been canceled.

3) Call VTC Online University Customer Service within the US at 1408-800-4130 and a representative will cancel your account for you. You may also contact a VTC Office.

Cancellation requests will be honored as of the day they are received.

* Cancellation requests received by email or by phone after 4:30 PM on Friday (US Eastern Time) will not be processed until Monday morning. Cancellations received through the website will be processed automatically by the system regardless of day of week or time.

Once your account is charged, log into your VTC account. Once logged in, Navigate to My Account | Payment Details.

This feature is still available after your account is on hold or canceled.

There are two ways that you may update your billing information.

Cancel Your Account Online
Navigate to My Account | Cancel Account. Then wait until your account expires to log back in and renew the account using your new payment information: My Account | Renew Account.

* Note that the Cancel Account link will only appear if your account is active and you have a current automatic billing in place. The Renew Account link will only appear if your account is canceled or on hold and the last term that you paid for has expired.

Contact Us
Call VTC Customer Service at (561) 962 8386 any time during business hours Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM EST and we'll be glad to assist you with this change. Other VTC offices can be found here.

If the credit card used to pay for your VTC Account has expired and you would like to continue using your account, please contact us immediately with new credit card details.

To renew online once the expiration date has passed, log in using your old credentials and navigate to My Account | Renew Account.

Yes. Accepted forms of payment are: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, international money order, or banker's check/draft.

You wish to convert your monthly VTC Online University account to a yearly account. This can be done one of two ways.

Cancel Your Monthly Account
Navigate to My Account | Cancel Account. Then, the day following your expiration (formerly your next renewal), log in and navigate to My Account | Renew Account. This will allow you to choose your new billing terms and re-enter your payment information.

* The Cancel link will only appear for an account with active billing, while the Renew account will only appear for an account that has no active billing and is past its expiration date.

Contact Us
Call VTC Customer Service at 888-872-4623 M-F 9AM-5PM for assistance in changing your account billing to yearly. We'll be glad to assist you with this change. You may also contact another VTC Office.

The VTC Online University service is priced in US Dollars for all customers worldwide as the Online University services are provided from our Head Office in Virginia, USA. Charges will appear on your credit card statement in your local currency.

While the name and address are required fields on the online signup page, the most critical pieces of data for the processing of the form are the card number, expiration date and CVV2 or security code.

Please be aware that if someone uses the same card number to attempt to sign up within the same 30 minute period, the system locks out that number as a security measure in case the card has been compromised. This will produce a "Duplicate Transaction" error message.

CD's and DVD's are only available in India.

USB is no longer available.

To view or videos you need to have an active Internet connection, web browser and Adobe Flash Player.

If you have done this and you are still having issues, try viewing the course in another web browser.

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

VTC help movies give you the best information on accessing VTC tutorials. This full course answers the most frequently asked questions and will get you up to speed quickly.

To renew your existing account using a new card, log in using your existing credentials and navigate to My Account | Renew Account.

This feature is only available if the account is on hold.

You may also call VTC Customer Service at (561) 962 8386 anytime during business hours Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM EST and we'll be glad to assist you with this change.

To view all tutorials within our library you must have an active subscription with

Sign Up Now

If you already have a trial account, log in and Renew as a paid subscription. Navigate to My Account | Renew Account and enter in your payment information.

While logged into your account, navigate to My Account to view your next renewal date.

You receive credit by watching a tutorial as a logged in user. Tutorials viewed in demo mode DO NOT count towards earning a certificate.

Log into your account and go to My Account | Course Certificates. This will bring up a page showing all courses you have viewed and your current progress. If all tutorials have been viewed a certificate file (in .pdf format) will become available for download. Those that are not complete will show the number of movies left for viewing. Click on the course title to be taken to a page containing a complete list of those movies.

Should you need assistance with your certificates, please contact Customer Service.

Cancellation of a monthly account only cancels the active billing. You may cancel your account at any time and still have access until your next renewal date. Once that date has passed, while on hold, your account remains intact and your course lists and usage information is retained.

Once you decide to join again, simply log into the account with your same credentials and navigate to My Account | Renew Account and enter your payment details again to reactivate the account.

Please note that the "Cancel Account" link will only appear if your account is active and you have a current automatic billing in place, and that the "Renew Account" link will only appear if your account is canceled/on hold and the last term that you paid for has expired.

VTC is available worldwide. Find the VTC Office nearest you.

The single-user license for one course on disc is $99.95 + shipping.

A single course as a multi-user license (10 simultaneous users) disc is $500.00+ shipping.

A single-user subscription to VTC Online University is $30.00 monthly or $250.00 yearly.

A multi-user subscription (5 concurrent logins) is $100.00 monthly or $1000.00 yearly.

* All prices are in US Dollars.

iPad users can play movies via a web browser.

Yes. You can add sub-users to a multi-user account and restrict by user name and password. You may also assign one generic username and password for all users and restrict by IP address or IP range.

Once you have a multi-user account set up, we can activate the IP restriction feature.

Once activated, from the main menu choose My Account | Edit Account | IP Restrict

You will be taken to a page which permits you to assign IP restrictions allowing your sub-users to only access the training from a particular IP address or IP range.

To enable it, select the first box and enter the IP address value. To restrict to a single IP address, enter the same address in both boxes.

To restrict a range, enter the starting IP in the first box and the ending IP in the second box.

We have several courses that are closed captioned. You can see a complete list of them by navigating here.

"Your user name (custserv) is now signed into VTC in 2 locations. Do you want to sign off the other locations and continue?"

This message usually occurs if one attempts to log in after a login session is closed abnormally (i.e. browser closed without using Logout button, computer crash, browser crash, etc). The message should never prevent you from logging in. Click Yes I want to continue and the stale session will be removed.

Also, you may only log into VTC from one viewing method at a time. I you are logged in through a web browser and attempt to log in via the VTC Player, you will get the message that you were already logged in and vice versa.

The user ID must be unique to the entire VTC system, not just a single account. You would need to modify any username that receives that error message.

Log into your account.

Change your password and click Update Profile to save your changes.

My Account allows multi-user admins to edit administrative information, including contact information and the admin password. Click Save Changes to Account when you are finished updating any information here.

To change passwords for sub-user accounts or to edit sub-user details, navigate to My Account | Subuser Management button | List sub accounts and choose View Details.

Multi-User admins can allow their users to change their own passwords. To enable this option navigate to the My Account | Edit Account menu and check the box "Allow sub-users to edit profile".

VTC training content is only available as streaming media. Subscribers are neither able nor permitted to download or save any of the content. Subscribers must be both connected to the Internet and to our site through a browser or one of our proprietary media players in order to view the content.

We are not accredited. The VTC Completion Certificate's main purpose is to show that you have successfully viewed an entire course with VTC. Some employers and schools may count completion of VTC courses as credit toward continued learning or self study.

VTC doesn't offer testing which is something you would get through an accredited facility. Most students use our courses to gain the knowledge and then go to a testing facility for accreditation.

VTC is always working diligently on creating updated versions of courses.

Once a qualified author is contracted, It generally takes 2-3 months to produce a course.

You may check the current status of courses on Titles in Development.

VTC technical support does not extend to specific support or one-on-one training for the applications or technology that a subscriber is training on. The training material is produced on a contract basis by authors who are not on the VTC support staff and as such answer by email only, specific questions on their training courses, and at their own discretion.

Please be aware that most VTC courses contain an author video, which contains author contact information. This video is usually the last video within the course and provides viewers the necessary information to contact the author with questions regarding the tutorial. This is usually an email address or website URL.

Additionally, most product pages on provide an email address or URL link to reach the author as well.

The "maximum login" option refers to the number of seats a sub-user can access on an account. If the sub-user is provided with a maximum login of 5 - that sub-user could tie up all 5 seats. If the sub user is provided a maximum login of 1 - they may only hold one seat at a given time on the account leaving the remaining 4 open for additional sub-users.

We would suggest setting the maximum at 1 to prevent one sub user from monopolizing all 5 seats unless you wish to have one sub user login to all 5 accounts.

QuickStart! and MasterClass! courses are generally shorter than full courses.

QuickStart! courses are designed to help users get up to speed with a newly available application or concept.

MasterClass! courses are designed to teach more advanced concepts.

You may print or save as a PDF file, all the notes for a single course within Course Details Page | View Course Notes.

Press Print.

You can always bookmark the tutorials as you view them.

You may also (once logged into your account) navigate to your Usage Report.

The page allows you to do a hits search which tracks those tutorials you've previously viewed.

To remove courses from your course list, log into your account and click My Account | Course List. Click the red X beside any course you wish to remove.

Thank you for your interest in VTC. Unfortunately, we do not participate in link reciprocation.

VTC does however offer an Affiliate program so that you may earn commission by directing customers to the VTC site. Additional information about the program can be found at Affiliates.

Mobile users must use a web browser to view movies. Mobile device users having trouble playing movies should click the Preferences option on any course page and select the Low Bandwidth option.

Yes. As with viewing via a web browser, you can view tutorials in full screen mode.

The wait period enables the system to reset when a log off has failed or been improperly implemented. To avoid this issue, the user may wish to access the VTC AIR Player. The player allows access without using a web browser.

You must have an Internet connection and have Adobe AIR installed to effectively use the VTC AIR Player.