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Animation can be an overwhelming process to learn, even with a user-friendly piece of software like Anime Studio. VTC is here to help! In this course, you will learn how to plan, design, and animate a cartoon. Starting with the very basics, author Chad Troftgruben will teach you how to outline, script, and storyboard your story. Next, he will demonstrate Anime Studio's basic tools and features, building your foundation for more advanced works. Finally, you will dive into the creation process by drawing characters and scenes, rigging bone structures, setting camera positions, incorporating dialog, animating sequences, and editing it all together. By the time you complete this course, you will be ready to finish the story we have started and even create your own original works! To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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Overview of Anime Studio
  Introduction (02:46)
  Debut vs. Pro (05:21)
  Flash vs. Anime Studio (05:19)
  Vector and Raster Graphics (06:56)
  Basic Navigation (06:40)
Creating a Blueprint
  Brainstorming (05:06)
  Creating an Outline (06:56)
  Writing a Script (06:21)
  Proper Screenwriting (07:02)
  Mapping Out a Storyboard (04:54)
Anime Studio Tools
  Drawing Tools pt. 1 (06:45)
  Drawing Tools pt. 2 (06:14)
  Drawing Tools pt. 3 (07:00)
  Fill Tools pt. 1 (04:04)
  Fill Tools pt. 2 (03:24)
  Layer Tools pt. 1 (05:34)
  Layer Tools pt. 2 (03:10)
  Camera Tools (04:31)
  Workspace Tools (03:36)
Anime Studio Interface
  Project Settings (06:45)
  Styles Palette (06:33)
  Layer Types (06:48)
  Layer Properties (04:41)
  Timeline (05:40)
  Keyframe Settings (05:01)
  Onionskins (03:16)
  Importing (04:16)
  Creating 3D Objects (02:59)
  Tracing Images (03:26)
  Scripts (02:55)
  Physics (03:56)
  Library (04:39)
The Basics of Bones
  Drawing Bones (04:20)
  Region vs. Layer Binding (04:26)
  Constraints (04:09)
  Actions (05:51)
  Smart Bones (04:52)
Constructing the Main Character
  Drawing the Head pt. 1 (04:27)
  Drawing the Head pt. 2 (04:11)
  Setting Up Mouth Instances pt. 1 (05:11)
  Setting Up Mouth Instances pt. 2 (04:38)
  Drawing the Body (04:27)
  Drawing the Arms pt. 1 (06:45)
  Drawing the Arms pt. 2 (05:56)
  Drawing the Legs (05:30)
  Adding Bones (05:20)
  Testing and Polishing pt. 1 (04:50)
  Testing and Polishing pt. 2 (02:31)
Constructing the Monster
  Drawing the Head (04:47)
  Setting Up Mouth Switch (05:53)
  Drawing the Body and Arms (04:32)
  Drawing the Legs (04:52)
  Adding Bones (05:07)
  Testing and Polishing (02:52)
Building Scenery
  Designing the Hallway pt. 1 (06:05)
  Designing the Hallway pt. 2 (04:34)
  Creating Hallway Props (06:29)
  Creating Rain (03:24)
  Designing the Trap Door pt. 1 (04:07)
  Designing the Trap Door pt. 2 (03:44)
  Designing the Tunnel (06:13)
  Building the Basement pt. 1 (04:01)
  Building the Basement pt. 2 (04:11)
  Adding Basement Props (04:56)
  Preparing the Hallway Animation (02:38)
  Protagonist Animations pt. 1 (04:14)
  Protagonist Animations pt. 2 (06:59)
  Animating the Monster (03:52)
  Scene Details for the Hallway (05:20)
  Character Details for the Hallway (05:23)
  Camera Movements for the First Scene (06:07)
  Tunnel Animation pt. 1 (04:20)
  Tunnel Animation pt. 2 (03:52)
  Camera Movements for the Fall (02:06)
  Setting Up the Basement Animation (03:41)
  Character Land (05:34)
  Monster Land (06:26)
  Creating Debris (06:46)
  Basement Camera Movements (06:50)
  Recording Your Voice (03:52)
  Mouth Syncing (05:02)
  Exporting (05:13)
Editing and Exporting
  Appropriate Video Editing Software (03:04)
  Importing and Assembling (06:28)
  Sound Resources (03:58)
  Applying Sound Files (06:50)
  Applying Music (02:35)
  Credits (05:20)
  Exporting (05:25)
  Course Wrap Up (02:10)
  About the Author (01:00)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Anime Studio Pro 9
Author: Chad Troftgruben
SKU: 34402
ISBN: 978-1-61866-088-6
Release Date: 2013-01-24
Duration: 7.5 hrs / 91 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: Available on CD and Online University
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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