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Corel® Painter IX is a natural media emulation tool. It allows users to create digital images and artwork that appear to be created with traditional sketch and painting tools. Painter IX has over 400 brushes and 30 mediums to work with. The user can also create their own brushes. Experiment with life-like media such as Digital Water Color and Oils or create sketches from photographs. It\'s no wonder Painter is considered to be \"the ultimate digital sketching tool\". Join Painter Professional - Dwayne Ferguson as he teaches this award winning program. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, click on a movie topic below. \"

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  What is Painter (02:50)
  New in Painter 9 (02:31)
  System Requirements (02:42)
  Mac and PC Conventions (01:18)
  Menus (03:59)
  Tools Palette (04:35)
  Property Bar (02:03)
  Libraries and Movers (03:30)
  Preferences (04:23)
  Painter Help (01:55)
Drawing Tools
  Using a Mouse (02:21)
  Using a Digital Tablet (03:43)
  Scanning (03:50)
  Understanding Color (03:43)
  Photography and Painter (03:03)
  Working with the Canvas (03:09)
  Paper (02:44)
  The Color Palettes (04:22)
  Working with Images (02:49)
  Transforming Images (03:00)
  Rulers and Guides (03:46)
  File Formats (03:19)
  Saving and Exporting (03:25)
  Layers Explained (03:14)
  Layer Menu Options (03:06)
  Create and Delete Layers (01:53)
  Group and Layer Order (02:59)
  Transparency (02:43)
  Custom Keys (03:36)
  Customize the Interface (03:50)
Paper Textures
  Adjusting Grain (02:16)
  Custom Paper (04:16)
Working with Color
  HSV and RGBM (02:15)
  Mixing Colors (04:09)
  Color Sets (04:06)
  Styles and Fills (03:41)
  Property Bar (05:01)
  Variants (03:48)
  Brush Tracking (03:52)
  Custom Brushes Pt. 1 (04:55)
  Custom Brushes Pt. 2 (03:17)
  Sketching in Painter (03:56)
  Pencil (03:56)
  Chalks and Crayons (03:16)
  Scratchboard (05:03)
  Gesture Drawing (03:41)
  Painting Tools (01:18)
  Artist\'s Oils (04:16)
  Watercolors (02:42)
  Liquid Ink (02:22)
  Airbrush (02:59)
  Cloning (03:27)
  Cloner Brushes (03:21)
  Clone Painting (05:49)
  Selection Tools (04:33)
  Creating Selections (03:11)
  Combining Selections (02:56)
  Select Menu (04:16)
  Selection Portfolio (03:11)
  Shape Tools (02:35)
  Creating Shapes (03:11)
  Editing Shapes (03:56)
  Transformed Duplicate (03:46)
  Illustrator Compatibility (02:32)
  Working with Text Pt 1 (04:54)
  Working with Text Pt 2 (04:37)
  Text as Shapes (02:12)
  Text as Art (04:59)
  Record and Playback (02:22)
  Editing Entries (04:38)
Dynamic Layers
  Burn and Tear (02:55)
  Bevel (03:58)
  Color Adjustment (03:48)
  Kaleidoscope (04:45)
  Glass Distortion (03:20)
  Liquid Metal Pt 1 (03:28)
  Liquid Metal Pt 2 (02:29)
Image Hose
  Controls (04:32)
  Nozzle Libraries (02:42)
  Nozzle from Layers (02:33)
Masks and Channels
  Layer Masks (03:42)
  Alpha Channels (03:05)
  Saving Selections (03:05)
  Tile and Grid (03:35)
  Blobs (03:16)
  Marbling (04:10)
  Growth Patterns and maze (03:30)
Effects 2
  Orientation (02:38)
  Tonal Controls (03:13)
  Lighting and Texture (04:21)
  Screen and Express Texture (04:04)
  Overlay and Dye (03:32)
  Sketch and Distress (03:25)
  Woodcut (03:14)
  Serigraphy (04:00)
  Warp and Focus Effects (02:46)
Animation and Video
  Making a Frame Stack (05:08)
  Editing Frames (04:25)
  Rotoscoping (05:27)
  Saving Movies (04:20)
Project: Landscape
  Setting Up (03:33)
  Mixing Colors (02:47)
  Sketching (04:54)
  Underpainting (07:23)
  Blending (07:50)
  Finishing (07:27)
Project: Children's Illustration
  Scanning in Line Art (03:02)
  Tracing the Scan (07:31)
  Laying Flat Colors (06:13)
  Gradients (05:31)
  Final Artwork (04:37)
Project: Abstract
  Setting Up (02:36)
  Collage (03:23)
  Painting (03:03)
Project: Concept Portrait
  Concept Art Explained (02:41)
  Character Biography (02:51)
  Sketching the Portrait (05:06)
  Underpainting Flat Colors (04:53)
  Painting Value (07:55)
  Painting Hair (04:49)
Project: Vector Logo
  Project Details (01:02)
  Placing Text (04:27)
  Refining Shapes (03:14)
  Beveling (04:26)
  Backdrop (02:57)
  Websites (03:24)
  Magazines (04:07)
About the Author
  About the Author (01:58)
Wrap Up
  Wrap Up (01:11)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Corel Painter IX
Author: Dwayne Ferguson
SKU: 33688
ISBN: 1-933736-15-1
Release Date: 2006-03-31
Duration: 8 hrs / 129 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: For Online University members only
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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