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Adobe® GoLive® CS2 software delivers what you need to create professional Web sites. Work with Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, and Adobe PDF files directly within GoLive without switching between applications. Maximize your productivity with a creative Web design environment that suits your style. Design without compromise using powerful tools that support industry standards. VTC Author Candyce Mairs instructs users on the GoLive CS2 interface, new features, GoLive basics, page creation, site maintenence and more. Work files are included so the user can follow along. To begin learning simply click on one of the Adobe® GoLive® CS2 lessons.

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  Welcome (02:58)
  Course Topics (03:40)
  Software Requirements/Installation (03:45)
New Features
  CSS Control (07:13)
  Mobile Authoring (05:17)
  Site Management (05:59)
  Shared Integration Part 1 (05:22)
  Shared Integration Part 2 (05:00)
  Site Publishing (05:39)
  Extensions/SDK (05:00)
Web Basics
  Web Overview (06:44)
  Servers (05:53)
  File Structure (04:51)
  File Names (06:42)
  Browsers (05:05)
Getting Started
  Work Area (07:12)
  Toolbars (05:04)
  Working with Palettes (05:31)
  Inspector Palette (04:05)
  Object Palette (05:54)
  Tools (05:54)
  Setting up Workspaces (05:23)
Site Window
  Site Organization (05:13)
  What is a .site? (07:15)
  Site Tabs (04:33)
  Site Trash (05:34)
Document Window
  View Modes (06:26)
  Split View (03:46)
  Properties Buttons (07:05)
  Status Bar (06:49)
  HTML Markup Tree (04:45)
  Page Titles (05:38)
Page Preview Options
  Page Views (06:06)
  Preview Options (06:29)
  Browser Preferences (06:29)
  Adding Text (06:29)
  HTML Text Formatting (06:34)
  P vs. BR (04:57)
  Headers (04:02)
  HTML Text Sizes (05:25)
  Working with Fonts (07:06)
  Creating Font Sets (06:51)
  Horizontal Rule (06:46)
  Bulleted Lists (04:45)
  Numbered Lists (02:11)
  Definition Lists (04:35)
  Nested Lists (03:09)
  Editing Lists (05:51)
  List Alternatives (05:45)
Working with Images
  Adding Images (05:33)
  Image Properties (07:56)
  Background Images (04:39)
  Tracing Images (04:44)
Smart Objects
  What is a Smart Object? (04:44)
  Smart Object Workflow (07:02)
  Photoshop Smart Objects (04:45)
  Illustrator Smart Objects (03:40)
  Editing Smart Objects (05:23)
  Smart Favorite Icons (04:03)
  Link Types (04:26)
  Absolute vs Relative Links (06:02)
  Email Links (05:05)
  Bookmarks (07:02)
  Imagemaps/Hotspots (02:34)
  Hotspot Tools (07:12)
  Link Colors (05:22)
  Creating a Table (05:32)
  Table Properties (04:16)
  Editing Tables (05:44)
  Adding Color (03:13)
  Merging/Splitting Cells (06:06)
  Table Palette (05:06)
  Sorting Table Contents (03:36)
  Importing Data (04:06)
  Exporting Table Data (02:23)
  Nesting Tables (03:20)
Layout Grids
  Working with a Layout Grid (06:34)
  Adding Objects (04:47)
  Aligning Objects in a Grid (04:41)
  Converting Tables to Grids (04:50)
  Converting Grids to Tables (03:33)
  What is a Style? (03:58)
  Why Use CSS? (03:34)
  CSS Editor (04:57)
  Tag Selectors (05:29)
  Class Selectors (07:22)
  ID Selectors (03:36)
  Where to Store Your Styles? (02:43)
  Editing Styles (04:48)
  External Style Sheets (06:14)
  CSS Objects & Liquid Layouts (03:04)
  Form Basics (04:27)
  Create a Form (05:37)
  Radio Buttons (03:29)
  Checkboxes (02:19)
  Select Elements (03:56)
  Submit/Reset Buttons (05:00)
  Form Inventory (03:10)
  Form Snippets (03:20)
  Using Layers (07:41)
  Layers Palette (06:51)
  Types of Interactivity (03:25)
  Image Swapping (05:56)
  Adding an Action (04:15)
  Script Library (04:34)
  JavaScript Editor (03:50)
Site Maintenance Made Easy
  Snippets (05:18)
  Components (04:31)
  Stationery (03:12)
  Templates (04:37)
  Collections (04:03)
Site Management
  Error Correction (04:37)
  Find/Replace (05:04)
  Spell Check (02:58)
  Link Check (05:53)
  What is FTP? (03:02)
  Uploading/Downloading Files (07:36)
  Synchronizing (02:46)
Adding Movies
  Adding Quicktime (02:24)
  Adding Flash (03:27)
  Additional Resources (01:43)
  Final Thoughts (01:58)
  About the Author (01:07)

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Title: Adobe GoLive CS2
Author: Candyce Mairs
SKU: 33661
ISBN: 1-932808-98-1
Release Date: 2005-12-09
Duration: 10 hrs / 123 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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