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AppleScript Studio is the breakthrough technology from Apple that combines the simplicity of AppleScript with the remarkable easy-to-use features of Interface Builder and Project Builder. Your script-based applications now can look like full-fledged Aqua applications because that\'s what they are. You don\'t need to write a line of traditional code. If you\'re a developer using Cocoa, or Carbon, you can now add AppleScript features to your application with AppleScript Studio. With simple hooks for everything from reading and writing your own documents, to using Web services, AppleScript Studio can open new areas of easy-to-implement opportunity. With extensive code samples, this tutorial will get you up to speed quickly. Click on one of the movie topics below to start learning!

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Introducing AppleScript Studio
  About the Example Code (03:10)
  Introduction to AppleScript Studio (03:06)
  AppleScript Studio Overview (06:00)
  Connections / Scripts / Cocoa (07:49)
  Creating a AppleScript Application pt. 1 (03:59)
  Creating a AppleScript Application pt. 2 (03:43)
  Creating a AppleScript Application pt. 3 (03:04)
  Converting Existing AppleScripts (05:37)
Reviewing AppleScript
  Using Script Editor (03:07)
  Basic AppleScript Commands (06:31)
  Basic AppleScript Programming Concepts (07:21)
  Variables / Globals / Properties / Records (03:09)
  AppleScript Data Structures (03:51)
  Using Handlers pt. 1 (06:51)
  Using Handlers pt. 2 (05:13)
  Try Blocks and Error Handlers (05:04)
Getting Started with Project Builder
  A Project Builder Overview (05:09)
  Customizing Project Builder (03:49)
  Creating a Template-Based Application (03:41)
  Looking at Groups and Files (04:52)
  Controlling Project Builder (04:21)
  AppleScript Studio Assistance (02:50)
  Using Project Builder Find (05:27)
  Building and Running Projects (04:49)
  Working with Project Information (02:30)
Getting Started with Interface Builder
  An Interface Builder Overview (02:57)
  Working with the Design Window (04:53)
  Working with Palettes (05:55)
  Working with the Info Window (06:01)
  Working with the Nib File Window (03:44)
  Working with the Menu Editor (04:35)
  Advanced Design Window Techniques (04:10)
  Troubleshooting and Testing the Interface (03:14)
  Customizing Interface Builder (03:47)
Working with AppleScript Studio Windows
  Setting Up a Window (07:49)
  Using Formatters (06:03)
  Opening a Second Window (05:17)
  Using Popup Menus (04:05)
  Case Study (1) Creating the Application (07:11)
  Case Study (2) Naming Objects (06:23)
  Case Study (3) Finishing (03:56)
Working with Text
  Basic Text Fields (06:22)
  Formatting Text Fields (02:39)
  Working with Text Views (03:11)
  Adding Formatting Menus to Text Views (03:36)
Working with Controllers
  Understanding Event Processing (03:59)
  Defining Controllers (04:36)
  Working Across Nib Files (05:57)
Working with Outline and Table Views
  Setting Up a Table View in Interface Builder (04:24)
  Setting Up a Table View in Project Builder (06:10)
  Finishing the Table View (03:13)
  Setting Up an Outline View pt. 1 (05:02)
  Setting Up an Outline View pt. 2 (03:51)
  Setting Up an Outline View pt. 3 (05:12)
  Finishing the Outline View (01:19)
  Using a Data Source with a Table View pt. 1 (04:52)
  Using a Data Source with a Table View pt. 2 (04:02)
Building a Document-Based AppleScript App
  Introducing the Template (03:49)
  Moving Data to the Document: High Level (03:21)
  Reading Data From Disk: High Level (05:06)
  Moving Data to the Document: Low Level (06:33)
  Reading Data from Disk: Low Level (04:01)
Building an AppleScript Droplet
  Introducing the Template (03:36)
  Creating the Droplet Window (06:54)
  Basic Droplet Code (05:30)
  Adding File Information to the Droplet pt. 1 (04:54)
  Adding File Information to the Droplet pt. 2 (02:57)
  Testing the Droplet (02:52)
Writing for an AppleScript Studio Application
  Special Handlers for AppleScript Studio pt. 1 (04:46)
  Special Handlers for AppleScript Studio pt. 2 (02:53)
  Other Interface and Application Handlers (03:55)
Coding for an AppleScript Studio Application
  Calling Code from AppleScript (03:17)
  Finding Methods in Cocoa Objects (03:32)
  Using Parameters in Calls (03:05)
  Overview of the Multi-Language Application (02:58)
  Creating the Basic Java Object (03:18)
  Connecting the Java Object (05:28)
  One More Time in Objective-C pt. 1 (04:10)
  One More Time in Objective-C pt. 2 (03:42)
Assistance Within AppleScript Studio
  AppleScript Studio Assistance (05:09)
  Tags (04:49)
  Using a Button (04:39)
  Opening in a New Window (04:08)
  Using the Menu (02:59)
  Using the Viewer (07:03)
Debugging AppleScript Studio Applications
  Setting Breakpoints (04:59)
  Using Values in the Debugger (07:11)
  Catching Errors (03:49)
  Preventive Measures (07:16)
  Reviewing the Examples (01:37)

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Title: AppleScript Studio
Author: Jesse Feiler
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ISBN: 1932072322
Release Date: 2003-05-08
Duration: 7 hrs / 101 lessons
Work Files: Yes
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Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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