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Virtual Training Company's MySQL tutorial is just what you need to begin designing and developing database management systems. Joshua Mostafa will help you go from a beginner's understanding of databases and SQL to gaining mastery knowledge in only 8 hours of training. He starts the tutorial by covering the basics of databases and SQL. Once you are comfortable with the basics, move on to the more complex aspects of SQL, such as variables and security. You can start right away by simply clicking one of the movie topics below.

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Getting Started
  Welcome (01:20)
  What You Will Need (07:24)
Database Basics
  What Is A Database? (03:28)
  RDBMSs (05:09)
  Tables and Data Pt 1 (05:59)
  Tables and Data Pt 2 (05:55)
SQL Basics
  Finding Your Way About (05:55)
  Creating a Database (02:34)
  Creating a Table (04:38)
  Column Types-String Pt 1 (05:16)
  Column Types-String Pt 2 (04:44)
  Column Types-Numeric Pt 1 (08:23)
  Column Types-Numeric Pt 2 (06:55)
  Retrieving Data With Search Criteria (05:34)
  Changing Existing Data (04:35)
  Altering A Table (05:53)
  Keys And Indexes (05:31)
  Basics Syntax Recap (04:24)
Operators in MySQL
  Arithmetic Operators (05:03)
  Numeric Comparison Operators (08:07)
  String Comparison Operators (05:34)
  Logical Operators (08:48)
  Bitwise Operators (07:21)
  Regular Expressions 1 (08:41)
  Regular Expressions 2 Pt 1 (06:38)
  Regular Expressions 2 Pt 2 (05:10)
  Operators Syntax Recap (04:53)
Querying Your Data
  Sorting Retrieved Data (03:37)
  Specifying Numbers of Results (03:05)
  Joining Tables Pt 1 (05:25)
  Joining Tables Pt 2 (03:37)
  More On Joining Tables (07:55)
  Data Aggregation (08:05)
  Queries Syntax Recap (03:00)
More Complex SQL
  Using Default Data (08:09)
  Date And Time 1 Pt 1 (05:16)
  Date And Time 1 Pt 2 (04:02)
  Date And Time 2 (04:54)
  ENUM column type (06:49)
  SET column type Pt 1 (06:51)
  SET column type Pt 2 (05:28)
  Using Variables (03:12)
  Conditional: IF() (05:25)
  Complex Syntax Recap (03:18)
Good Practices
  Using SQL batch files Pt 1 (05:14)
  Using SQL batch files Pt 2 (04:41)
  Data Modeling Pt 1 (05:17)
  Data Modeling Pt 2 (05:55)
  Normalization Pt 1 (05:11)
  Normalization Pt 2 (03:56)
  Optimizations (13:32)
  Users And Privileges (07:31)
  More About Users And Privileges (08:08)
  The mysql Database Pt 1 (04:37)
  The mysql Database Pt 2 (04:16)
  Encryption (05:43)
  Security Syntax Recap (03:25)
Building A Database Application
  Planning The Structure (07:12)
  Designing The Database Pt 1 (05:33)
  Designing The Database Pt 2 (04:49)
  Creating The Database Pt 1 (06:25)
  Creating The Database Pt 2 (04:33)
  Logging In And Out (06:38)
  Checking Videos In And Out Pt 1 (05:59)
  Checking Videos In And Out Pt 2 (07:06)
  Searching For A Video (06:26)
  Adding A New Title (08:05)
  Signing Up A New Customer (03:51)
  Hiring And Firing Employees Pt 1 (04:45)
  Hiring And Firing Employees Pt 2 (04:28)
  Listing Debtors (08:03)
  About the Author (00:44)

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Title: MySQL
Author: Joshua Mostafa
SKU: 33364
ISBN: 1930519745
Release Date: 2002-07-25
Duration: 7 hrs / 72 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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