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JavaScript is a client side-technology that allows you to create powerful and interactive web pages. This course provides in-depth hands-on experience writing client-side JavaScript. VTC Author, Al Smith teaches you how to integrate JavaScript into your Web pages and walks you through hands-on examples so that you’ll end up with an interactive and dynamic Web site by the end of the course. You also learn how to take advantage of best object oriented practices and development techniques. To begin learning simply click the links.

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  Objectives (00:53)
  Introduction (05:30)
  The Big Picture (04:38)
  Object Oriented Pt.1 (05:54)
  Object Oriented Pt.2 (04:49)
  Set-up Your Personal Web Server (02:14)
  Summary (01:19)
Basic Concepts
  Objectives (01:15)
  Inheritance (05:12)
  Inheritance Exercise (06:04)
  Polymorphism (03:53)
  Polymorphism Exercise Pt.1 (06:54)
  Polymorphism Exercise Pt.2 (07:17)
  Encapsulation (07:20)
  Encapsulation Exercise (05:59)
  Syntax (05:15)
  Syntax Exercise (02:49)
  Summary (01:36)
Data Types & Objects
  Objectives (01:13)
  Data Types & Variables (04:21)
  Object Types (02:32)
  Creating JavaScript variables Exer 1 (05:14)
  Creating JavaScript variables Exer 2 (05:14)
  Custom Object Types Exer 1 (07:21)
  Custom Object Types Exer 2 (05:47)
  Dynamically Insert Objects Pt.1 (04:03)
  Dynamically Insert Objects Pt.2 (05:09)
  Summary (01:24)
Structures of the Language
  Objectives (01:23)
  Expressions & Operators Pt.1 (03:35)
  Expressions & Operators Pt.2 (05:24)
  Using Expressions & Operators Exer Pt.1 (04:14)
  Using Expressions & Operators Exer Pt.2 (03:53)
  Loops & Conditions (04:53)
  Functions (03:37)
  Arrays (04:17)
  String Manipulation Exer (02:52)
  Array Manipulation Exer (04:41)
  Summary (01:49)
Strings/Dates & Time
  Objectives (01:07)
  String Manipulation Pt.1 (03:02)
  String Manipulation Pt.2 (04:53)
  Link Creation Exer (02:41)
  Regular Expression Pt.1 (04:46)
  Regular Expression Pt.2 (04:26)
  Form Validation Pt.1 (04:04)
  Form Validation Pt.2 (04:53)
  Date & Time (05:25)
  Calculating Date & Time Exer (03:07)
  Summary (01:47)
Browser Interaction
  Objectives (01:24)
  HTML Elements Pt.1 (03:18)
  HTML Elements Pt.2 (04:46)
  JavaScript with HTML Elements Exer (06:52)
  Document Object Model Pt.1 (04:33)
  Document Object Model Pt.2 (05:30)
  Frames & Windows Pt.1 (04:02)
  Frames & Windows Pt.2 (07:26)
  JavaScript Popup Windows Exer (03:39)
  Summary (01:49)
Dynamic HTML
  Objectives (01:31)
  DOM Objects & HTML Interaction (07:23)
  Use Style Sheets Pt.1 (03:44)
  Use Style Sheets Pt.2 (04:46)
  Using DOM with Style Exer (05:06)
  Modifying Elements Pt.1 (03:52)
  Modifying Elements Pt.2 (03:05)
  Creating Table Elements Exer (06:17)
  Summary (01:35)
Advanced JavaScript
  Objectives (01:24)
  Plug-in Detection (04:59)
  Plug-in Exer Pt.1 (04:08)
  Plug-in Exer Pt.2 (06:02)
  Cookies (06:07)
  Creating Cookies Exer Pt.1 (05:37)
  Creating Cookies Exer Pt.2 (04:51)
  Server-Side Scripting (05:14)
  Session Management (04:40)
Putting It All Together
  Session Registration Validation Pt.1 (04:38)
  Session Registration Validation Pt.2 (03:40)
  Constructing the Home Page Pt.1 (05:49)
  Constructing the Home Page Pt.2 (06:54)
  Constructing the Home Page Pt.3 (01:54)
  Importing Style Sheets (02:42)
  Animating a Billboard (03:34)
  Customizing Popup Boxes (05:29)
  Changing the Visibility of Text (03:10)
  Introduction to AJAX Pt.1 (04:08)
  Introduction to AJAX Pt.2 (04:47)
  Introduction to AJAX Pt.3 (03:37)
  Summary (02:34)
  About this Author (01:56)

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Title: JavaScript
Author: Alfred Smith
SKU: 33762
ISBN: 1-933736-84-4
Release Date: 2007-05-07
Duration: 6.5 hrs / 92 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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