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Microsoft Entourage 2004 is a personal information manager (PIM) application that is a key component in the Office 2004 productivity suite. Entourage can be used not only to send and receive e-mail messages, but also can be used to manage and share contact information, manage calendar events, track to-do items, and more. Expert instructor Timothy Warner provides step-by-step instruction on learning practically every element of Entourage 2004, from installation, to account setup, to everyday use, to tips and tricks that will make your professional life and personal life more user-friendly and productive. To being learning today, simply click on one of the Microsoft Entourage 2004 links.

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Introduction to Entourage 2004
  Course Introduction (04:14)
  Intro to MS Office 2004 (03:51)
  The Office 2004 Web Site (06:04)
  Quick Tour of Entourage 2004 (06:02)
Installing Entourage 2004
  Installing Office 2004 pt. 1 (06:03)
  Installing Office 2004 pt. 2 (04:58)
  Updating Office 2004 (06:20)
  Removing Office 2004 pt. 1 (04:35)
  Removing Office 2004 pt. 2 (05:49)
Setting Up Entourage 2004
  Introduction to E-mail Options (05:22)
  Tweaking Spotlight For Entourage (03:58)
  POP3 E-mail Account Setup pt. 1 (05:36)
  POP3 E-mail Account Setup pt. 2 (05:59)
  IMAP E-mail Account Setup (07:12)
  Hotmail E-mail Account Setup pt. 1 (04:57)
  Hotmail E-mail Account Setup pt. 2 (04:02)
  Editing Account Settings pt. 1 (05:00)
  Editing Account Settings pt. 2 (05:59)
  Using Identities pt. 1 (06:15)
  Using Identities pt. 2 (07:13)
Basic E-Mail
  The Message Window (05:55)
  Plain Text vs. HTML (05:21)
  Creating a New Mail Message pt. 1 (05:51)
  Creating a New Mail Message pt. 2 (06:04)
  Formatting Mail Messages pt. 1 (05:59)
  Formatting Mail Messages pt. 2 (06:20)
  Formatting Mail Messages pt. 3 (06:15)
  Adding Attachments pt. 1 (05:19)
  Adding Attachments pt. 2 (06:06)
  Adding Hyperlinks (05:39)
  Adding Signatures pt. 1 (04:23)
  Adding Signatures pt. 2 (05:45)
  Send and Receive Options (05:28)
  Reading Messages pt. 1 (05:38)
  Reading Messages pt. 2 (03:40)
  Replying and Forwarding (05:32)
  Redirecting Messages (04:52)
  Printing Messages (05:29)
Advanced E-Mail
  Working with Attachments pt. 1 (06:05)
  Working with Attachments pt. 2 (05:12)
  Marking and Flagging Messages (04:51)
  Working with Folders pt. 1 (05:46)
  Working with Folders pt. 2 (04:12)
  Working Online and Offline (05:38)
  Sorting and Filtering Lists pt. 1 (06:19)
  Sorting and Filtering Lists pt. 2 (03:23)
  Using Spell Checking (06:21)
  Using Junk Mail Filtering pt. 1 (06:22)
  Using Junk Mail Filtering pt. 2 (05:08)
  Using Message Rules pt. 1 (05:20)
  Using Message Rules pt. 2 (05:32)
  Modifying Message Options (04:53)
  Creating Out-of-Office Replies (06:04)
  Using Message Drafts (05:01)
  Using Field Chooser (04:56)
Entourage and Microsoft Exchange
  About Entourage and Exchange (04:21)
  Exchange Account Setup (04:41)
  Editing an Exchange Account (06:22)
  Using the GAL (06:04)
  Using Outlook Web Access (06:37)
Address Book
  Introduction to Contacts (03:03)
  Adding Contacts (06:01)
  Editing and Deleting Contacts (05:33)
  Setting Contact Options (05:42)
  Creating and Using Groups (06:29)
  Electronic Business Cards (06:11)
  Exporting/Importing Contacts (06:06)
  Sending E-mail from the Address Book (04:53)
  Using Address Book Views pt. 1 (05:51)
  Using Address Book Views pt. 2 (06:04)
  Using Contacts from Microsoft Word (05:17)
  Printing the Address Book (05:21)
  Viewing the Calendar (05:45)
  Adding Events pt. 1 (05:58)
  Adding Events pt. 2 (06:14)
  Modifying and Deleting Events (03:03)
  Creating Recurring Events pt. 1 (04:17)
  Creating Recurring Events pt. 2 (04:51)
  Managing Event Reminders (06:31)
  Setting Calendar Options (05:45)
  Managing Invitations pt. 1 (05:52)
  Managing Invitations pt. 2 (05:19)
  Adding and Removing Holidays (05:44)
  Printing a Calendar (05:46)
  Publishing a Calendar on the Web (06:11)
  Working with Time Zones (05:43)
  About Notes (02:17)
  Creating Notes (04:21)
  Editing and Formatting Notes (05:13)
  Reading and Saving Notes (04:41)
  Creating Notes from E-mail Messages (04:05)
  About Tasks (03:27)
  Creating Tasks (04:51)
  Viewing and Editing Tasks (05:54)
  Printing Tasks (05:40)
  How Newsgroups Work (03:45)
  Newsgroup Account Setup pt. 1 (06:12)
  Newsgroup Account Setup pt. 2 (04:35)
  Subscribing to Newsgroups (05:50)
  Reading Articles pt. 1 (06:33)
  Reading Articles pt. 2 (05:12)
  Composing and Posting Articles (06:14)
  Downloading Attachments (04:39)
  E-mailing Articles (03:54)
Customizing Entourage 2004
  Setting Preferences pt. 1 (03:52)
  Setting Preferences pt. 2 (05:54)
  Using the Script Menu (06:09)
  Using Keyboard Shortcuts (04:06)
  Using Categories pt. 1 (05:53)
  Using Categories pt. 2 (06:01)
  Using Links pt. 1 (06:09)
  Using Links pt. 2 (04:23)
Tips and Troubleshooting
  Rebuilding Your Entourage Database (05:24)
  Clearing the MRU List (05:00)
  Backing Up Your Identity (05:25)
  Course Wrap-Up (02:10)
  About the Author (04:44)

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Title: Microsoft Entourage 2004
Author: Tim Warner
SKU: 33667
ISBN: 1-933736-04-6
Release Date: 2006-01-13
Duration: 10.5 hrs / 117 lessons
Work Files: No
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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