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J2EE is an acronym for Java 2 Enterprise Edition. The Java 2 Enterprise Edition is Software that can be used along with the J2SE, the Java 2 Standard Edition which includes the compiler and the other fundamentals of Java. The J2EE software includes development and deployment systems for Java Servlets and Java ServerPages. Both of these combine Java and HTML to produce web pages on demand. VTC Author Arthur Griffith takes you on a step by step guide to understanding this powerful component of Java programming. To begin learning today simply click on the J2EE links.

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Introduction to J2EE
  Course Introduction (06:55)
  Tiered Architecture (03:00)
  Servlets & JSP (03:28)
  Enterprise JavaBeans (04:33)
  XML (04:11)
  Transactions (02:37)
  Installation (05:43)
  Setting the PATH (02:19)
  Starting & Stopping the Servers (02:39)
JavaServer Pages
  Introduction to JSP (02:22)
  Writing JSP Pages (04:50)
  Deploying a JSP Page (02:21)
  Implicit Objects (06:12)
  The Request & Response Objects (03:52)
  Cookies & Sessions (05:49)
  Init Parameters & Context (04:01)
  Implict Object Classes (03:57)
  JSP Tags (03:42)
  The Page Directive (06:42)
  Include & Forward (02:50)
JavaServer Pages Code
  Expression Language Basics (03:23)
  Method & Object References (04:49)
  JSP to Java Mapping (05:31)
  A Tag Handler Pt.1 (03:25)
  A Tag Handler Pt.2 (04:41)
  Two More Tag Handlers Pt.1 (04:14)
  Two More Tag Handlers Pt.2 (03:46)
  Tag Libraries (06:37)
  Basic Servlet Design (04:21)
  A Simple Servlet (06:45)
  Posting to a Servlet (05:43)
  Catching Exceptions (03:01)
  Sending Messages (03:29)
  Using Multiple Servlets (03:38)
  Multi-Threading (05:02)
  Event Logging (02:50)
  Cookies (06:16)
  Filters (05:30)
  MVC (03:46)
  JDBC & Drivers (04:20)
  The Console (04:05)
  Making a Connection Pt.1 (04:11)
  Making a Connection Pt.2 (03:59)
  Making a Simple Connection (03:31)
  Making a Table (04:36)
  Display a Table (03:55)
  Statements & Result Sets (05:39)
  Data Type Methods (06:03)
  Writing Through the ResultSet (05:09)
  Creating a Prepared Statement (04:06)
  Transactions (02:26)
  A Transaction Example (06:07)
  Batch Updates (04:46)
  Locking (04:35)
Enterprise JavaBeans
  Introduction to EJB (05:15)
  The Kinds of Beans (03:58)
  Writing a Stateless Session Bean (07:21)
  Deploying a Bean Pt.1 (04:10)
  Deploying a Bean Pt.2 (05:00)
  Calling Bean Methods (06:06)
  A Session Bean with a State (03:54)
  Writing a Stateful Session Bean (06:27)
  Entity Beans (04:30)
  Synchronization of Entity Beans (03:25)
  Message Beans (04:03)
  Code of a Message Bean (04:27)
Web Services
  Introduction to Web Services (06:16)
  JAX-RPC (03:07)
  Source Code of a Web Service (06:20)
  Web Service Description Language (03:44)
  Deploying a Web Service Pt.1 (03:20)
  Deploying a Web Service Pt.2 (04:00)
  Web Service Client (06:38)
  Course Wrapup (04:21)
  About This Author (03:23)

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Title: J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition)
Author: Arthur Griffith
SKU: 33602
ISBN: 1-932808-49-3
Release Date: 2005-03-11
Duration: 6 hrs / 75 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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