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Adobe ImageReady 7 is a wonderful web production tool that allows you to create animation, image maps, web banners and backgrounds, and web layouts, and slice up and optimize graphics for faster downloading, as well as many exciting new features. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, Mario Leone will guide you through 9 hours of exciting instruction as he helps you learn how to make ImageReady 7 work for you. You will start with the basics, including the interface and the tools. You will then move on to working with text and images, and then will learn about layers and slicing. Other topics covered in this tutorial include color saturation, masking, and animating. You will even learn how to automate actions, how to create wireless images, about filters and special effects you can use, and how to integrate ImageReady 7 with other Adobe software, such as Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10, and LiveMotion. To start learning, simply click on one of the movie topics below.

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Whats New?
  What is Image Ready? (02:48)
  System Requirements for Mac and PC (02:49)
  What are some of the New Features? (02:18)
  Overview of Tools (04:15)
  Understanding Palettes (02:49)
  Image Windows (02:50)
  Preview in A Browser (02:50)
  Understanding the Toolbar and Views and Menus (02:37)
  Understanding the Canvas (03:16)
  Understanding Color Picker and Color Palettes (03:01)
  The History Pallete (03:04)
  Preview in Other Browser (03:15)
Working With Images and Text
  File Types and Bit Depth Overview (02:40)
  Pixel and Vector Graphics VS Bitmap (02:50)
  Screen Areas and Monitor Resolution (02:56)
  Working with the Canvas (02:41)
  Cropping Images (03:07)
  Edit Transform Menu 1 (03:00)
  Edit Transform Menu 2 (02:52)
  Paragraph / Character Palette (02:43)
  Paragraph Palette (02:39)
  Character Palette 1 (02:40)
  Character Palette 2 (02:52)
  Warp Text (02:35)
Selecting Images
  Selecting Images (04:24)
  Selecting Mr. Veggie Man 1 (03:01)
  Selecting Mr. Veggie Man 2 (03:08)
  Selecting Mr. Veggie Man 3 (03:18)
  Select Similar (02:43)
  Inverse/Vignette (03:04)
  Drawing with Selections (03:25)
  Saving a Selection (02:57)
  Output settings HTML (02:52)
  Output settings Slices (03:15)
  Output settings Image Maps (02:54)
  Output Settings Background and Saving Files (02:54)
  Understanding Color Palettes (03:19)
  Transparency 1 (02:12)
  Transparency 2 (02:41)
  Definitions for Compressing (02:48)
  Interlacing and Color Table (03:02)
  Compressing a Gif (03:11)
  Understanding Dither and Dither Options (02:51)
  What is Banding and how to Cure it? (02:53)
  Knocking Out Colors on a Transparent Gif (03:00)
  Compressing a Photo (03:00)
Working with Layers and Slicing
  Understanding Layers (04:09)
  Aligning and Linking Layers (02:44)
  Stacking Order and Layer Effects (02:53)
  Building a Basic Navigation Bar (04:47)
  Creating a Web Layout (03:14)
  Organizing Type Layers (03:37)
  Importing Elements and Graphics (04:40)
  Placing Type for Finishing Touch (03:03)
  Basic Slicing and Naming (04:21)
  Types of Slices (02:59)
  Slice Preferences (03:03)
  Adding Type and Compression (04:01)
Image Maps and Rollovers
  What is a Rollover and the types (02:40)
  Rollover types in Action (03:19)
  Standard Rollovers (02:56)
  Layer Based Rollovers (02:53)
  Unifying Layers with Rollovers (02:56)
  What is an Image Map? (03:00)
  Creating an Image Map (03:40)
  Creating a Layer Based Image Map (03:17)
Color Correction
  Levels (03:52)
  Hues Saturation (02:53)
  Brightness Contrast and Variations (03:12)
  Photo Correction Techniques 1 (04:03)
  Photo Correction Techniques 2 (03:12)
  Photo Correction Techniques 3 (02:58)
  Photo Correction Techniques 4 (03:20)
  Photo Correction Techniques 5 (05:09)
Painting and Masking
  Painting Tools (04:44)
  Compositing and Masking (03:15)
  Compositing and Masking 2 (04:18)
  Type Masking (Group with Previous) (03:07)
Animation Overview
  Tweening Concept (02:56)
  Tweening and the Animation Palette (02:57)
  Animating Colors with Layers (02:50)
  Animating Warped Text (03:17)
  Basic Animation (03:27)
  Animating a Scale Effect (03:11)
  Animating Layer Effects (03:04)
  Animating Ripple Effect (03:21)
  Animating Mask (03:28)
  Animating a Blur (02:51)
  Building a Basic Banner and Compression (05:02)
  Creating the Banner from Layers (04:23)
Background Images
  Creating Background Tile (03:04)
  Background Tile 1 (02:59)
  Background Tile 2 (02:46)
  Background Tile Grid (02:55)
  What are Actions? (02:52)
  Creating an Action and Working with a History (03:42)
  Action Script Droplet (02:57)
  Optimize Palette Droplet (02:49)
  Scanning in to Image Ready (03:36)
  Importing Folder as Frames (02:54)
Filters/Special FX
  Text Glow FX (03:27)
  Working with Drop Shadows (03:00)
  Gradients and Type (04:51)
  Text Screen Effect (03:20)
  Layer Fx and Text Warp (02:57)
  Lightning Pattern 2 (02:59)
  Creating a Style (03:48)
  Creating a Style (03:18)
  Lighting Fx (03:01)
  Digimarc (03:08)
  Working with Filters (02:58)
  Working with Type and Styles (03:51)
  Creating Types of Textures 1 (04:39)
  Creating Types of Textures 2 (03:14)
  Cork/Wood Texture (03:18)
  Strange Textures (02:52)
  Patchwork Texture and More (03:10)
  Creating a Displacement Map (03:26)
  Applying a Displacement Map with Many Filters (03:25)
  Sandstone Texture (03:00)
Liquify Tools
  Liquify Tools 1 (02:50)
  Liquify Tools 2 (03:11)
  Reconstructing modes (02:58)
  Liquify Tools in Action (03:19)
Putting it all Together
  Building Composition (02:58)
  Organizing and Slicing (02:58)
  Creating Rollovers (02:59)
  Animating and Adding Content (03:57)
  Compressing the Composition (03:00)
  Repairing Animations and Unifying Layers 1 (03:45)
  Repairing Animations and Unifying Layers 2 (02:32)
  Image Map Final Touch (03:06)
Integration with Other Applications
  Image Ready 7 with Illustrator 10 (03:09)
  Image Ready 7 with Photoshop 7 (03:24)
  Image Ready 7 with Photoshop 7 (File Types) (03:00)
  Image Ready 7 with Livemotion (02:22)
  Image Ready 7 with ATM/Adobe Type Manager Deluxe (02:45)
Wireless Images
  Creating a Wireless Image and Resources (02:50)
  Understanding Altercast (03:43)
Photoshop Combined with Image Ready
  Photoshop Tools and Interface (03:11)
  Creating Gradients (03:40)
  Creating Brushes (03:50)
  Using Channels (04:48)
  Pen Tool (05:14)
  Pattern Stamp Tool (04:38)
  Making a Texture (03:03)
  Notes and Audio Tool (02:57)
  Custom Shape Tool (03:37)
  Magnetic Lasso (03:35)
  Healing Brush and Patch Tool (03:14)
  Web Photo Gallery (04:40)
  Eye Dropper / Color Sampler and Measure Tool (03:00)
  Matting and Defringe (02:55)
  Replace Color (02:51)
  Selective Color (03:05)
  Extract Tool (03:08)
  Channel Mixer (03:02)
  Pattern Maker (03:13)
  Channels to Build an Interface (03:42)
  Slicing and Save for Web Feature (03:31)
  Picture Package (03:07)
  Printing with Preview (03:27)
  Creating Adjustment Layers (03:24)
  Gradient Map and File Browser (03:02)
  Resources for Graphic Artists (03:02)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe ImageReady 7
Author: Mario Leone
SKU: 33376
ISBN: 1932072055
Release Date: 2002-08-21
Duration: 9 hrs / 165 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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