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DVD’s are the fastest-growing consumer electronics product in history. However, taking advantage of the remarkable popularity of the DVD format requires mastery of the technical process of DVD creation. This is where this course comes in. VTC Author James Gonzalez provides all the information you’ll need to quickly create full-featured, Hollywood style DVDs using Encore DVD 2.0, Adobe’s leading DVD authoring tool. Encore has been designed from the ground up to be simple to use and to greatly streamline DVD production while still providing excellent control over your work. In this course you will learn how to author DVDs containing videos, full motion menus with audio, animated buttons, scene selectors, multiple language tracks, closed captions, subtitles and much, much more. To get started simply click on one of the lessons below.

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Introduction to Encore DVD 2
  About this Course (03:08)
  What is Encore DVD 2 (02:52)
  About DVD Media (02:47)
  DVD-Video Specifications (05:27)
  Encore DVD 2 Workflow pt. 1 (05:41)
  Encore DVD 2 Workflow pt. 2 (04:07)
  Supported Import File Formats (04:22)
The Encore DVD 2 Workspace
  Exploring the Interface (06:20)
  Set Encore DVD Preferences (05:16)
  Customizing the Workspace (02:58)
  The Project Panel (06:50)
  Timeline Viewer pt. 1 (03:58)
  Timeline Viewer pt. 2 (05:30)
  The Layers Panel (05:35)
  The Library Panel pt. 1 (03:36)
  The Library Panel pt. 2 (04:13)
  The Styles Panel (04:54)
  The Menu Viewer (04:41)
  The Monitor Panel (03:51)
  The Slide Show Viewer (03:35)
  Flowchart Panel (04:20)
Planning a Project
  Planning a Project (04:08)
  Bit Budgeting (04:12)
  More on Bit Budgeting (05:01)
  Organizing the Project Panel (05:45)
  Prepare Video and Audio Assets (05:11)
  Preparing Source Graphics (04:21)
  Determining Disc Capacity (04:23)
  Creating a New Project (05:51)
  Importing Menus (04:04)
Create Project Timelines
  Creating Timelines (05:28)
  Managing Timelines (05:06)
  Working with Audio Tracks (05:45)
  Navigating the Timeline (06:55)
  Creating Chapter Points (06:59)
  Creating Poster Frames (05:39)
  Trimming Clips (06:07)
  Editing Clips in Premiere Pro or After Effects (04:54)
Creating Slideshows
  Creating Slideshows (05:03)
  Formatting Slideshows (06:16)
  Formatting Individual Slides (02:50)
  Adding Audio to Slideshows (03:57)
  Adding Slide Transitions (06:40)
  Adding pan and Zoom Effects (05:10)
  Adding Subtitles to Slides (06:58)
Creating and Editing Menus
  Menu Basics (03:35)
  Using Pre-existing Library Menus (05:40)
  Menu Basics (05:05)
  Building Menus with Library Elements (06:55)
  Editing Menus (04:22)
  Working with Text (06:58)
  Using Styles (03:54)
  Using Photoshop to Create Menus (05:02)
Advanced Menus
  About Motion Menus (02:16)
  Adding Video to a Menu Background (05:33)
  Adding Audio to a Menu (03:49)
  Setting Audio and Video Loop Times (04:57)
  Animating Buttons pt. 1 (06:20)
  Animating Buttons pt. 2 (01:48)
  Creating Video Thumbnails in Photoshop pt. 1 (05:34)
  Creating Video Thumbnails in Photoshop pt. 2 (03:28)
  Guidelines for Creating Video Thumbnails (04:20)
  Working with Button Subpictures (06:58)
  Creating Button Subpictures in Photoshop (06:26)
  Working with Menu Color Sets (04:19)
  Pasting Image as Subpictures (03:02)
  Guidelines for Creating Subpictures (04:27)
  Link Types pt. 1 (02:23)
  Link Types pt. 2 (04:17)
  Linking Methods Setting an End Action (04:47)
  Disk-wide Link Settings pt. 1 (05:38)
  Disk-wide Link Settings pt. 2 (02:28)
  Setting End Actions (02:30)
  Setting Override Actions (04:52)
  Customizing User Operations (04:59)
  Adding Links to Subtitle and Audio Tracks (05:13)
  Button Routing (04:19)
  Checking and Fixing Links (05:04)
  About Subtitle Tracks (03:22)
  Creating Subtitles Manually (06:04)
  Importing Image-Based Subtitle Files (05:29)
  Working with Image-based Subtitles (04:22)
  Importing Text-Based Subtitle Files (04:54)
  Editing Subtitles (06:22)
  Working with Subtitle Colors (05:18)
  Adding Closed Captions (03:10)
Testing and Transcoding
  Previewing Projects (03:12)
  Preview Controls (04:11)
  Checking Projects (04:58)
  About Transcoding (03:50)
  Working with Transcode Presets (04:17)
  Transcode Preset Options (03:51)
  Working with Custom Presets (05:15)
Burning a DVD
  Preparing for Final Output (03:51)
  Copy Protection (02:58)
  Adding DVD-ROM Content (03:06)
  Building the DVD (05:23)
  Build Options (06:57)
  DVD Disc Formats (04:09)
Course Wrap-up
  What You Have Learned (03:00)
  About the Author (01:16)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe Encore DVD 2.0
Author: James Gonzalez
SKU: 33731
ISBN: 1-933736-59-3
Release Date: 2006-12-22
Duration: 8 hrs / 101 lessons
Work Files: No
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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