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Adobe® Contribute® CS3 is a user-friendly web site and blog entry updating tool. The WYSIWIG editor allows the non-technical person to easily edit and update text, images, and videos while maintaining site integrity. Contribute uses a familiar interface that is comfortable to users without coding knowledge. Site content is edited without difficulty and the program then allows immediate publishing capabilities or reviewing options. With ease of use and affordability, web sites and blogs can be updated with current and accurate information. This useful “how to” course will provide important information to contribute administrators and specific step-by-step instructions for contribute editors. To begin learning Adobe® Contribute® CS3, simply click on one of the lessons.

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Introducing Adobe Contribute CS3
  Course Introduction (03:30)
  About Adobe Contribute (04:21)
  What Contribute Can Do (03:53)
Getting Adobe Contribute CS3
  Purchasing & Licensing (05:15)
  Tech Specs (02:21)
The Contribute Workflow
  Workflow pt. 1 (04:39)
  Workflow pt. 2 (03:32)
  Workflow pt. 3 (04:22)
  Workflow pt. 4 (04:43)
Contribute Basics
  Installation pt. 1 (02:30)
  Installation pt. 2 (01:35)
  Installation pt. 3 (01:47)
  Contribute Window (07:00)
  Contribute Workspace pt. 1 (03:22)
  Contribute Workspace pt. 2 (04:07)
  Getting Assistance pt. 1 (05:01)
  Getting Assistance pt. 2 (06:48)
The Website
  Website Structure for a Contribute Site (07:01)
  Creating a Site for Contribute pt. 1 (05:15)
  Creating a Site for Contribute pt. 2 (05:48)
  Preparing a Site for Use with Contribute (03:38)
Administration of Contribute
  Making Site Connections (05:07)
  Making Blog Connections (02:21)
  Administering a Site (01:55)
  Administrative Settings pt. 1 (06:08)
  Administrative Settings pt. 2 (04:06)
  Users & Roles pt. 1 (07:08)
  Users & Roles pt. 2 (06:21)
  Creating Roles (03:19)
  Editing Roles (02:39)
  Folder & File Settings (04:30)
  Managing Drafts (02:47)
  Connection Keys (03:55)
  Managing Connections pt. 1 (03:45)
  Managing Connections pt. 2 (03:55)
Working with Pages
  Accessing a Page to Edit pt. 1 (05:30)
  Accessing a Page to Edit pt. 2 (06:24)
  Drafts (03:24)
  Sending Drafts for Review (04:32)
  Tracking Drafts (02:50)
  Working with Pages Offline (03:04)
  Editing a Page Using Other Software (05:28)
  Deleting a Page (02:06)
  Export a Page (02:37)
  Adding a Page (06:46)
  Page Properties (06:05)
PDFs & External Documents
  Insert PDFs (05:08)
  Converting Documents (02:36)
  Inserting Office Documents (06:32)
Working with Text
  Text pt. 1 (02:36)
  Text pt. 2 (04:57)
  Text pt. 3 (03:09)
  Styles (05:53)
  Text Effects (04:50)
  Positioning Text (03:04)
  Lists (03:13)
  Spelling / Find & Replace (02:27)
Working with Links
  Adding & Editing Links pt. 1 (05:01)
  Adding & Editing Links pt. 2 (03:26)
  Testing & Deleting Links (02:19)
  Anchors (05:16)
  Email Links (02:56)
Working with Graphics
  Adding Images pt. 1 (04:37)
  Adding Images pt. 2 (02:08)
  Image Properties (04:12)
  Editing an Image pt. 1 (03:41)
  Editing an Image pt. 2 (02:04)
  Horizontal Rules (01:54)
  Flash (02:10)
  Image Maps (03:21)
  Video on a Web Page (03:31)
  Video & Audio on a Blog Entry (02:52)
Working with Tables
  Inserting a Table (06:24)
  Editing a Table pt. 1 (05:09)
  Editing a Table pt. 2 (03:17)
  Formatting a Table (04:13)
  Cell Properties & Table Properties (03:59)
  Merge & Split (01:23)
  Sorting Data (04:41)
  Shortcuts (01:35)
Additional Elements
  Google Search Functionality (04:43)
  Printing (06:10)
  Inserting HTML Code Snippet (05:15)
  Paypal pt. 1 (03:48)
  Paypal pt. 2 (06:46)
  Paypal pt. 3 (03:57)
  Publishing pt. 1 (06:31)
  Publishing pt. 2 (02:14)
  Publishing pt. 3 (02:59)
  Rollback Features (02:34)
Templates for Contribute Sites
  Add a Page Based Upon a Template (03:13)
  Creating Templates for a Contribute Site (02:08)
Contribute Settings
  Preferences pt. 1 (05:32)
  Preferences pt. 2 (01:57)
  Accessibility Features (04:23)
  Troubleshooting pt. 1 (05:10)
  Troubleshooting pt. 2 (04:42)
  Troubleshooting pt. 3 (04:03)
  Keyboard Shortcuts pt. 1 (05:14)
  Keyboard Shortcuts pt. 2 (04:10)
  Keyboard Shortcuts pt. 3 (01:45)
  Searching for Website Layouts (05:48)
  Contribute Publishing Server (03:45)
  Adobe Bridge (03:04)
  Contribute Menus (05:22)
  Understanding Blogs (03:35)
  Website Tips pt. 1 (05:24)
  Website Tips pt. 2 (06:27)
Wrap Up
  Tutorial Summary (02:26)
  About this Author (01:11)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe Contribute CS3
Author: Melanie Hedgespeth
SKU: 33876
ISBN: 1-934743-71-2
Release Date: 2008-06-04
Duration: 7.5 hrs / 110 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: Available on CD and Online University
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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