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Adobe ColdFusion 8 is a powerful platform-independent server-side technology used to create database-driven applications. Built into ColdFusion is an application server, the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), and enterprise services. ColdFusion is platform and web server independent, so it can be run with any type of web server, on any desktop operating system, and includes a JRUN web server that can be used for development purposes. ColdFusion has been reworked from the ground up in this version, offering significantly enhanced performance compared to previous versions. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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  Welcome (02:06)
  Course Topics (04:10)
  Course Prerequisites (01:46)
  Software Requirements/Installation (02:52)
The Role of ColdFusion
  Client-Server Environment (02:17)
  Static vs. Dynamic Requests (03:49)
  What is ColdFusion? (03:14)
  Why Use ColdFusion? (02:56)
  ColdFusion Editors (01:34)
Course Setup
  Installing Dreamweaver (02:46)
  Dreamweaver Preferences (02:46)
  Installing ColdFusion (06:06)
  Testing the Setup (03:50)
  Installing the Course Files (01:59)
  Installing the Course Database (05:21)
  Dreamweaver CF Tags (02:37)
Introducing Dreamweaver
  Dreamweaver Interface (05:06)
  Set Up the Course Site (04:06)
  Set Up Testing Server (04:49)
  Application Panel (03:26)
  Browser Setup (04:05)
  Code Navigator (02:07)
  Related Files Toolbar (02:19)
ColdFusion Fundamentals
  ColdFusion Templates (03:24)
  What is a Variable? (04:32)
  Set/Display Variables (05:51)
  Commenting Code (03:11)
  Processing Flow (02:10)
  CF Includes (03:50)
  Creating Header & Footer (03:54)
  Build Template Page (02:57)
  Variable Types (04:08)
  Datatypes (02:06)
  Expressions (03:29)
  Operators (02:55)
  Functions (04:08)
  Lists (03:28)
CF Functions
  Function Definitions (04:27)
  Calling a Function (05:18)
  Common Functions (01:29)
  List Functions (04:06)
  Custom Functions (02:00)
URL Variables
  HTML Statelessness (03:13)
  URL Variables (03:45)
  Working with URL Variables (07:36)
  Dynamic URL Variables (05:08)
CFML Conditionals/Loops
  Conditional Processing (03:17)
  If Statements (04:49)
  Testing for Variables (04:57)
  Switch Statements (04:53)
  What is a Looping Statement? (02:55)
  CF Looping (01:14)
  Index Loops (04:04)
  List Loops (03:29)
  Nested Loops (02:35)
  Relational Databases (03:22)
  Connection Basics (03:07)
  Review Course Database (04:42)
Basic SQL Statements
  SELECT Statement Syntax (04:02)
  INSERT Statement Syntax (02:51)
  UPDATE Statement Syntax (02:10)
  DELETE Statement Syntax (01:40)
  INNER JOIN (02:32)
  SQL Wildcard (03:02)
Creating Data-Driven Pages
  CFQUERY Tag (03:59)
  Recordset Builder (04:59)
  Display a Query (05:07)
  Use Query Data (06:05)
  Using Query Variables (07:22)
  CFDUMP (05:30)
  Dynamic Table Feature (07:37)
  Recordset Paging (06:36)
  Navigation Bar (04:26)
  Debugging Queries (07:40)
ColdFusion Forms
  Form Basics (04:08)
  Form Methods (02:48)
  HTML Form pt. 1 (05:19)
  HTML Form pt. 2 (03:46)
  SUMA Form (05:23)
  Add Fields (05:23)
  Processing Forms (06:38)
  Fields Not Submitted (03:56)
Form Data Validation
  Form Validation (03:42)
  Client Side JavaScript (05:36)
  Redirecting the User (03:18)
  Server-Side Validation pt. 1 (04:04)
  Server-Side Validation pt. 2 (05:04)
ColdFusion Form Features
  CFFORM Tag (03:30)
  SUMA Form (07:39)
  CFSELECT (06:08)
  Combine Static Options (05:00)
  Preserving Form Data (03:02)
Modifying Database Data
  Inserting Data (06:47)
  CFINSERT (02:44)
  Form with CFINSERT (06:31)
  Updating Data (08:10)
  CFUPDATE (02:42)
  Update Interface (06:57)
  Deleting Data (03:18)
Search Criteria
  Multiple Search (07:12)
  Search Form (03:04)
  Search Action (05:08)
Form to E-mail
  The Process (04:02)
  CFMAIL (04:22)
  E-mail from Forms (04:54)
  Troubleshooting (06:22)
  Debugging Techniques (04:05)
  Preventing Problems (05:12)
  Additional Resources (02:39)
  ColdFusion Hosting (01:38)
  About the Author (01:24)

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Title: Adobe ColdFusion 8
Author: Candyce Mairs
SKU: 34093
ISBN: 1-936334-05-4
Release Date: 2010-02-26
Duration: 8 hrs / 112 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: Available on CD and Online University
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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