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Adobe® Acrobat® 8 is the premier PDF (Portable Document Format) creation and authoring tool that enables users and workgroups to easily create, manipulate, and re-purpose intelligent PDF documents for web, print, online collaboration, data collection and more. In this VTC course, Author Eric Butow demonstrates how to use Acrobat 8 by starting with the basic functions such as the getting started wizard, quick tasks, converting an existing file to PDF format, and setting Acrobat preferences. He then moves on to more advanced topics including editing PDF files, distributing PDF files, collaborating with other users within Acrobat, and collecting data from PDF forms. Instruction is applicable to both Acrobat 8 and Acrobat 8 Professional. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Adobe Acrobat 8 movie links.

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  About this CD (01:47)
  New in Acrobat 8 (01:23)
  Overview of Acrobat 8 (02:54)
  Getting Started (00:58)
  Creating a PDF Document from a File (01:14)
  Close an Open PDF File (01:09)
Viewing the Getting Started Wizard
  The Main Wizard Window (01:07)
  Create a PDF File (01:27)
  Combine Files into One PDF File (03:16)
  Export PDF Files (01:05)
  Start a Meeting (02:27)
  Secure Your PDF Files (03:53)
  Sign a PDF Document (00:57)
  Create a PDF Form (01:40)
  Review and Add Comments to a PDF File (03:04)
  Close and Reopen the Wizard (00:45)
Using Acrobat
  The Acrobat Window (00:54)
  The Menu Bar (02:43)
  The Top Toolbar (01:53)
  The Bottom Toolbar (01:32)
  View Navigation Panels (02:20)
  Display and Snap to the Grid and Rulers (02:25)
  Go to a Specific Page (01:51)
  Read Out Loud (01:18)
  Display and Switch Between Open PDF Files (00:47)
  Get Assistance and Support (01:50)
  Check for Updates (01:20)
Customizing Acrobat
  Opening the Preferences Window (01:13)
  Commenting (00:56)
  Documents (01:27)
  Full Screen (01:19)
  Basic Tools (01:18)
  Page Display (02:06)
  3D Settings (00:37)
  Accessibility (01:12)
  Batch Processing (01:06)
  Catalog (01:10)
  Color Management (01:30)
  Convert from PDF (01:00)
  Convert to PDF (01:11)
  Forms (01:22)
  Identity (00:35)
  International (00:53)
  Internet (01:00)
  JavaScript (01:39)
  Measuring (2D) (01:16)
  Measuring (3D) (01:16)
  Meeting (01:16)
  Multimedia (00:58)
  Multimedia Trust (00:39)
  New Document (01:24)
  Online Services (00:52)
  Reading (01:20)
  Reviewing (01:38)
  Search (01:28)
  Security (01:23)
  Spelling (01:03)
  TouchUp (01:10)
  Trust Manager (01:57)
  Units and Guides (01:11)
  Web Capture (01:09)
Creating a PDF Document
  The Creation Process (01:32)
  Create from a File (01:58)
  Create from Multiple Files (02:53)
  Create from a Web Page (01:42)
  Create from a Scanner (01:52)
  Create from a Clipboard Image (00:51)
  Add Files into a PDF Package (01:48)
  Saving Your PDF File (01:43)
PDF Document Security
  Security Overview (01:00)
  Security Properties (01:20)
  Create a Digital ID (03:21)
  Configuring Servers (02:35)
  Manage Security Policies (01:27)
  Edit Security Policies (01:22)
  Create a Security Policy (02:36)
  Create a Security Envelope (02:54)
  Place a Signature (01:35)
  Create a Certified File (01:41)
  Preview the File (01:20)
  Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader (00:50)
Create and Edit a PDF Form
  Create a PDF Form from a Template (02:37)
  Save the PDF Form (01:37)
  Open and Edit the Form (03:19)
  Manage Form Data (02:08)
  Compile Forms (01:08)
  Distribute Forms (01:44)
  Track Forms (00:59)
Edit a PDF File
  Open a PDF File (02:04)
  Comment and Markup Tools (01:42)
  Advanced Editing Tools (00:50)
  Editing Text (01:48)
  Use the Typewriter (01:21)
  Add a Watermark (02:30)
  Insert Pages (02:23)
  Extract Pages (01:10)
  Replace Pages (01:23)
  Delete Pages (00:44)
  Crop Pages (02:46)
  Rotate Pages (00:51)
  Create a New Bookmark (00:59)
  Attach a File to the PDF File (01:01)
  Highlight and Stamps (02:08)
  Using the Measuring Toolbar (02:12)
Add Comments
  Add a Comment (01:45)
  Edit and Delete Comments (01:20)
  Show and Hide Comments (01:25)
  Show the Comments List (01:54)
  Summarize Comments (01:03)
  Print Comments Summary (01:09)
  Import and Export Comments (02:09)
Produce and Track a PDF File
  Previewing Your Output (01:43)
  Preflight Check (02:50)
  Check for Accessibility (01:34)
  Enable Commenting in Adobe Reader (00:57)
  Prepare a Batch Sequence (02:12)
  Process Links and Numbering (02:37)
  Set JavaScript Document Actions (01:25)
  Optimize Your PDF File (02:03)
  Examine the PDF File (01:04)
  Print a PDF File (01:41)
  Export a PDF File (01:07)
  Send a PDF File by E-Mail (00:29)
  Use the Review Tracker (02:04)
Course Wrap Up
  Conclusion (00:51)
  About this Author (00:48)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe Acrobat 8
Author: Eric Butow
SKU: 33776
ISBN: 1-933736-91-7
Release Date: 2007-06-27
Duration: 3.5 hrs / 126 lessons
Work Files: No
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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