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Adobe® Acrobat® 7 is the premier PDF (Portable Document Format) creation and authoring tool that enables users and workgroups to easily create, manipulate, and re-purpose intelligent PDF documents for web, print, online collaboration, and data collection. This course developed by Adobe Certified Instructor and Master Teacher Steve Adler details the proper creation and preparation of documents from just about any source and teaches how to transform them into powerful PDF documents complete with navigation, interactivity, forms, and rich media, allowing them to be easily secured, distributed, and customized for just about any purpose. The title comes complete with work files, so you can follow right along. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Adobe Acrobat 7 movie links.

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Getting Started
  The Acrobat Workspace (04:28)
  The Acrobat Menu Overview pt. 1 (04:02)
  The Acrobat Menu Overview pt. 2 (04:34)
  Customizing Acrobat Toolbars (03:11)
  Acrobat Preferences pt. 1 (04:28)
  Acrobat Preferences pt. 2 (04:27)
  Document Properties (05:40)
Workspace Basics
  The Document Pane (01:38)
  The Navigation Pane (02:23)
  Viewing a PDF on the Web (03:34)
  Printing a PDF Document (03:32)
  Saving PDF Documents (01:09)
  Saving in Different Formats (06:36)
Navigation Basics
  Navigating a PDF Document (03:02)
  Using Bookmarks (02:08)
  Using Thumbnails (01:49)
  Changing Views pt. 1 (05:03)
  Changing Views pt. 2 (03:15)
  Changing Views pt. 3 (00:49)
  Changing Document Magnification (05:31)
  Re-Tracing Views (01:56)
Working with PDFs
  Using the Organizer (04:33)
  Organizer Collections (02:40)
  Assembling PDF Pages (03:44)
  Selecting Text and Graphics (02:13)
  The Snapshot Tool (01:27)
  Search a Document (01:59)
  Search a Collection of Documents (01:44)
  Conduct an Advanced Search (01:52)
  Using an Index (03:13)
  Searching the Web (02:07)
Getting Assistance
  The How To? Pane (02:50)
  Acrobat Assistance (01:57)
  Online Support (01:29)
The PDF Creation Process
  Acrobat and Host Applications (01:24)
  Creating a PDF Using the Print Command (04:07)
  Overview of Acrobat Distiller (01:17)
  Distiller Settings pt. 1 (04:27)
  Distiller Settings pt. 2 (03:25)
  Changing PDF Settings (02:53)
  Creating Custom PDF Settings (01:21)
  Importing PDF Job Option Settings (01:07)
Creating PDF Documents in Acrobat
  Setting Preferences (02:47)
  Creating PDF From File (01:38)
  Creating a PDF From Multiple Files (01:57)
  Creating a PDF From Web Page (03:35)
  Creating a PDF From Scanner (02:29)
  Creating a PDF From Clipboard Image (00:45)
  Using the Snapshot Tool (01:06)
Creating PDFs From Adobe Applications
  From Adobe Photoshop (04:18)
  From Adobe Illustrator (02:42)
  From Adobe InDesign (03:18)
  From Adobe GoLive (05:13)
Creating PDFs From MS Office
  About the PDFMaker (04:07)
  From MS Word-Win (03:52)
  From MS Excel-Win (02:55)
  From MS PowerPoint-Win (04:00)
  From MS Outlook-Win (02:54)
  From Microsoft IE-Win (03:28)
  From the Desktop-Win (01:22)
Creating PDFs From a Web Browser
  Capture PDFs From the Web (02:45)
  Web Capture Preferences and Settings (04:20)
  Append a PDFs to Web Page PDFs (02:44)
Creating PDFs From Scanned Images
  The OCR Process and Acrobat (02:19)
  OCR Settings (02:38)
  Using Searchable Image (01:29)
  Formatted Text and Graphics (01:48)
  Working with Suspects (01:47)
Add Navigation to a PDF
  About Navigation Objects (01:19)
  Creating Bookmarks (05:41)
  Linking to Other Document Pages (02:12)
  Customize and Arrange Bookmarks (04:35)
  Overview of Actions (03:29)
  Button Navigation (05:53)
  Button Duplication (03:59)
  Bookmarks vs. Destinations (03:30)
Create Interactive PDFs
  Using the Link Tool (03:16)
  Editing Links (01:42)
  Set Page Actions (04:20)
  Using JavaScript (02:02)
  Creating Articles (04:31)
Editing PDF Documents
  Editing Documents (03:12)
  Text Touch-up (05:54)
  Object Touch-up (05:19)
  Cropping Pages (03:17)
  Watermarks and Backgrounds (03:35)
  Add Headers and Footers (05:22)
Reviewing PDF Documents
  Setting Workspace and Preferences (07:06)
  Marking Up a Document (06:04)
  Using Commenting Tools in Word (04:45)
  Using Engineering Comments (04:46)
  The Properties Toolbar (02:49)
  Adding Attachments (01:43)
  Using the Stamp Tool (03:18)
  Summarizing Comments (02:57)
  Exporting and Importing Comments (03:17)
  Managing Comments (04:05)
  Initiate a Browser-Based Review (08:00)
  Using the Review Tracker (02:16)
  Initiate an E-mail Review (04:32)
PDF Security
  Accessing Document Security Settings (03:36)
  Using Acrobat Password Security (07:38)
  Accessing Protected PDFs (02:52)
  Security Policies (04:40)
  Exchanging Digital IDs (04:50)
  Verifying Identities (05:29)
  Setting Signature Preferences (03:26)
  Applying Signatures (03:42)
  Comparing Documents (03:16)
  Certifying a Document (03:51)
  Using Certificate Security (02:31)
  Creating a Secure eEnvelope (03:08)
Optimizing PDF Documents
  Reducing File Size for Web (03:02)
  The PDF Optimizer (05:27)
  Optimizing PDFs For Accessibility (05:58)
  Pre-flighting a Document (03:30)
  Inspecting Pre-flight Profiles (02:58)
  Creating a Pre-flight Profile (07:00)
PDF Forms
  About Acrobat Forms (02:41)
  Form Field Properties (03:55)
  Create a Check Box (03:44)
  Create a Radio Button (02:57)
  List Box and Combo Boxes (03:30)
  Text Fields pt. 1 (05:22)
  Text Fields pt. 2 (03:31)
  Text Fields pt. 3 (03:06)
  Using the Create Multiple Option (02:06)
  Create a Reset Button (02:48)
  Create a Print Button (01:51)
  Using a JavaScript Calculation (02:24)
  Collecting Form Data pt. 1 (03:54)
  Collecting Form Data pt. 2 (02:42)
  The Typewriter Tool (03:57)
Using Rich Media in Acrobat
  Add Multimedia Elements (02:50)
  Add Sounds to PDF Documents (05:52)
  Add Video Files pt. 1 (05:45)
  Add Video Files pt. 2 (03:29)
  Creating Media Renditions (02:51)
Cataloging PDF Collections
  Creating PDF Indexes (02:51)
  Using a Batch Sequence (02:39)
  Creating a PDF Index (03:45)
  Linking an Index (02:42)
  Auto-Attaching Indexes (03:29)
In Conclusion
  Wrap Up (01:52)
  About this Author (01:06)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe Acrobat 7
Author: Steve Adler / Certified Adobe Expert
SKU: 33665
ISBN: 1-933736-03-8
Release Date: 2006-02-10
Duration: 8 hrs / 145 lessons
Work Files: No
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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