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Adobe Soundbooth CS5 is a simple, yet powerful update to Adobe CS4. This course takes you through Soundbooth in an organized manner, with a practical hands-on and project based approach. It doesn’t matter if you are a web designer, a video editor, or an audio engineer because this course makes no assumptions about what you do, or do not ,know. Experienced audio engineer Sam McGuire explains the basic features of Soundbooth and provides the information you will need to effectively use Soundbooth in a variety of situations. Work files are provided so that you can work side-by-side with Sam and solidify the skills being taught. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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  Introduction to Soundbooth CS5 (02:12)
  OS Compatibility (03:04)
  Installation (04:19)
Getting Started
  New from CS4 (03:14)
  Interface Basics (03:08)
  Interface Customization (03:59)
  Appearance (04:08)
Project 1
  Introduction to Project 1 (03:20)
  Project Goals (03:23)
  Task Based Training (03:05)
  Importing Files (03:28)
  Accessing Sound Effects (02:55)
  Accessing Scores (04:23)
File Structure
  Recording Audio (04:53)
  Saving Files (03:02)
  Backing Up Projects (04:07)
  Noise Reduction (03:50)
  Noise Reduction Limitations (06:56)
  Equalization (06:39)
  Spectrum View (06:42)
  Removing Unwanted Sounds (07:06)
  Clicks / Pops / Rumble (06:20)
Special Effects
  Adding Effects (06:00)
  Time Effects (05:41)
  Spectral Effects (06:09)
  Loudness Effects (04:38)
Spotting Effects
  New Sound Effects (05:49)
  Finding the Right Sounds (05:38)
  Placing the Sounds (05:06)
  Editing the Sounds (07:03)
  Mixing the Sounds (04:39)
  Recording Additional Sounds (03:49)
  Managing Libraries (04:13)
  Metadata (06:31)
Working with Video
  Optimizing & Importing Video (06:52)
  Combining Audio From Two Projects (05:24)
  Exporting Video (06:09)
  Video Formats (05:48)
  Creating Markers (03:54)
  Keeping Things Organized (05:20)
  What's Next With Markers (03:49)
  New Scores (04:07)
  How to Use Scores (06:52)
  Creating Scores (04:53)
  Other Music Sources (04:41)
Project 2
  Introduction to Project 2 (04:21)
  Optimizing for Big Sessions (04:49)
  Layering Sounds (06:41)
  Adding Effects Chains (06:34)
  Mixing Music Fundamentals (07:12)
  Advanced Mixing (06:40)
  Mixing Environment (07:11)
  Equalization Explained (06:51)
  Compression Explained (07:05)
  Reverb Explained (07:01)
  Distortion (06:08)
  Delay (04:53)
  Special Effects (05:00)
  Vocal Enhancer (05:35)
  Mastering (07:07)
  Why a Loop Feature? (06:18)
  Defining a Loop (05:22)
  Using Loops in Project 2 (05:00)
Project 3
  Introduction to Project 3 (03:13)
  Speech Transcription (06:37)
  Alternate Language Packs (05:46)
Audio Exports
  Audio Format Types (06:04)
  Exporting for Various Destinations (06:21)
  Data Compressed Formats (04:06)
  Digital Audio (05:28)
  Basic Editing (06:24)
  Practical Example (04:46)
Audio Levels
  Audio Loudness & the Web (04:46)
  Why Soundbooth is Not for Broadcast (04:40)
  The dB (06:11)
  Louder / Normalize / Limit (03:07)
  Volume Correction (06:09)
  Pitch & Timing (06:24)
  History (03:53)
  Snapshots (04:48)
  Examples of Session Saves (05:17)
  Shortcuts (04:24)
  Assigning New Shortcuts (04:43)
Audio Interfaces
  Setting Up an Interface (03:48)
  OS X (04:35)
  Windows 7 (04:26)
  Wrap Up (02:56)
  Author Bio (03:08)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe Soundbooth CS5
Author: Sam McGuire
SKU: 34139
ISBN: 1-936334-35-6
Release Date: 2010-06-30
Duration: 7.5 hrs / 88 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
QuickTime 7

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