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Microsoft Excel 2000 Course

8hrs (103 Lessons) 1999-11-22
Microsoft Excel 2000

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With Microsoft Excel 2000, you can take advantage of comprehensive tools to create spreadsheets and share them on the Web for universal viewing and collaboration. Excel allows you to easily analyze data with charts, Microsoft PivotTable, and graphs. You can even use automatic formatting to create data-rich spreadsheets. In this tutorial, you are guided from basic thorough advanced techniques by author Lorie Flenner. She easily explains need-to-know topics such as columns and rows, workbooks and worksheets, basic and advanced formulas, and even how to insert graphics. If you need to know Excel, why not start now? Simply click a topic below.

Welcome to the Microsoft Excel 2000 training CD. Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet program, which can be used to organise and store data, both text and numbers; to perform simple through complex calculations with the data; to analyze and chart the data once it's been entered into the program; and finally to format and present reports. This CD will introduce you to all of these things and more. Happy learning. 

  • Course: Microsoft Excel 2000
  • Author: Lorie Flenner/NMG
  • SKU: 33101
  • ISBN: 1889347868
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  • Subject: Business Applications
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