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Microsoft Visio 2003 is a scalable, powerful drawing application that can be used to conceptualize and visualize just about any business process. Whether creating network diagrams, flowcharts, calendars, or organizational charts, Visio can make a professional drafter out of practically anyone. Expert trainer Timothy Warner provides you with easy-to-follow instruction and gives you the tools you need to develop intermediate-level Visio 2003 skills quickly and easily. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Microsoft Visio 2003 lessons.

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Introducing Microsoft Visio 2003
  Course Overview (05:40)
  Visio Product Versions (05:25)
  Installing Visio 2003 (06:42)
  Updating Visio 2003 (05:27)
  Uninstalling Visio 2003 (02:29)
Navigating Microsoft Visio 2003
  Touring the Visio 2003 Interface (05:10)
  Creating a New Diagram pt. 1 (05:27)
  Creating a New Diagram pt. 2 (04:23)
  Using Toolbars (03:15)
  Panning and Zooming pt. 1 (04:46)
  Panning and Zooming pt. 2 (04:06)
  Panning and Zooming pt. 3 (02:26)
  Saving and Opening Visio Diagrams (05:28)
  Exporting to Alternate File Formats (05:44)
  Printing a Diagram (04:43)
Getting Assistance in Visio 2003
  Using Online Assistance pt. 1 (04:53)
  Using Online Assistance pt. 2 (03:08)
  Online Content Settings (03:58)
  Visio 2003 Downloads (04:51)
  Visio 2003 Viewer (05:12)
  The Detect and Repair Tool (03:37)
Using Stencils
  Introducing Stencils pt. 1 (03:27)
  Introducing Stencils pt. 2 (05:06)
  Opening and Closing Stencils (04:47)
  Creating a New Stencil (04:26)
  Adding Shapes to a Stencil (04:45)
  Modifying Stencils (03:18)
Working with Shapes
  Adding Shapes to a Diagram (05:35)
  Resizing and Rotating Shapes (05:38)
  Aligning and Distributing Shapes pt. 1 (04:09)
  Aligning and Distributing Shapes pt. 2 (05:23)
  Adding Text to Shapes (04:42)
  Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes (05:10)
  Layering Shapes (04:45)
  Shape Operations (05:55)
  Formatting Shapes pt. 1 (04:02)
  Formatting Shapes pt. 2 (04:54)
  Using Color Schemes (04:02)
  Using the Drawing Tools pt. 1 (05:54)
  Using the Drawing Tools pt. 2 (04:46)
Connecting Shapes
  Common Connector Mistakes (04:17)
  Connection Points (04:15)
  Shape-to-Shape Connections (04:24)
  Point-to-Point Connections (05:05)
  Automatically Connecting Shapes (02:37)
  Connector Types (02:08)
  Stencil-Based Connectors (04:07)
  Adjusting Connector Behavior pt. 1 (04:51)
  Adjusting Connector Behavior pt. 2 (04:13)
  Adding Text to Connectors (04:19)
Formatting Text
  Text Boxes and Text Blocks (05:39)
  Character Formatting (05:46)
  Paragraph Formatting (04:28)
  Using Format Painter (04:38)
  Callouts and Annotations pt. 1 (04:39)
  Callouts and Annotations pt. 2 (05:37)
  Creating Tables pt. 1 (04:21)
  Creating Tables pt. 2 (03:19)
  Using Spell-Checker (05:29)
  AutoCorrect Options pt. 1 (04:05)
  AutoCorrect Options pt. 2 (03:35)
Precision Work with Visio 2003
  Drawing Scale (04:24)
  Ruler and Grid Options pt. 1 (04:37)
  Ruler and Grid Options pt. 2 (04:07)
  Snap and Glue Options (04:09)
  Guides and Guide Points (05:33)
  The Size and Position Window (04:17)
  Cleaning up the Workspace (03:26)
  The View Toolbar (03:21)
Working with Pages
  Working with Multiple Pages (02:18)
  Inserting and Removing Pages (04:48)
  Renaming and Reordering Pages (04:37)
  Adding Background Pages (04:23)
  Adding Page Backgrounds (04:15)
  Rotating Pages (03:14)
  Hyperlinking Between Pages pt. 1 (05:13)
  Hyperlinking Between Pages pt. 2 (03:57)
Using Layers
  Creating a New Layer (04:02)
  Assigning Shapes to Layers (03:20)
  Showing and Hiding Layers (02:27)
  Locking and Unlocking Layers (03:21)
Adding Custom Data to Visio Diagrams
  Using Custom Properties pt. 1 (05:06)
  Using Custom Properties pt. 2 (04:15)
  Using Custom Properties pt. 3 (04:52)
  Creating Reports pt. 1 (04:43)
  Creating Reports pt. 2 (04:54)
  Exporting to a Database pt. 1 (04:20)
  Exporting to a Database pt. 2 (04:06)
Adding Pizzazz to Drawings
  Adding a Page Border (04:25)
  Adding a Title Object (05:20)
  Adding Clip Art pt. 1 (05:07)
  Adding Clip Art pt. 2 (03:29)
  Adding Clip Art pt. 3 (04:03)
  Inserting Images (03:33)
Integrating Visio with Microsoft Office
  Embedding Visio Diagrams into Office Docs (05:46)
  Linking Visio Diagrams into Office Docs (03:54)
  Creating Visio Docs inside Office Docs (04:04)
  Linking & Embedding Office Data into Visio (04:24)
Customizing Visio 2003
  Customizing General Options (04:42)
  Customizing the Toolbars pt. 1 (04:42)
  Customizing the Toolbars pt. 2 (05:48)
  Creating Visio Templates (05:12)
Creating Block Diagrams
  Creating a Block Diagram pt. 1 (03:49)
  Creating a Block Diagram pt. 2 (02:10)
  Block Diagram w/ Perspective (05:13)
Creating Organizational Charts
  Creating an Org Chart pt. 1 (04:45)
  Creating an Org Chart pt. 2 (04:40)
  The Organization Chart Wizard (05:35)
Creating Flowchart Diagrams
  Creating a Basic Flowchart pt. 1 (05:01)
  Creating a Basic Flowchart pt. 2 (04:04)
  Cross-Functional Flowcharts pt. 1 (04:46)
  Cross-Functional Flowcharts pt. 2 (02:48)
Creating IT Diagrams
  Basic Network Diagrams pt. 1 (05:26)
  Basic Network Diagrams pt. 2 (03:27)
  Server Rack Diagrams pt. 1 (04:57)
  Server Rack Diagrams pt. 2 (03:17)
  Using Third-Party Stencils (05:04)
Creating Building Plan Diagrams
  Creating an Office Layout pt. 1 (04:59)
  Creating an Office Layout pt. 2 (05:09)
Creating Maps
  Creating a Directional Map pt. 1 (05:01)
  Creating a Directional Map pt. 2 (05:27)
  Creating a 3-D Map pt. 1 (03:40)
  Creating a 3-D Map pt. 2 (04:16)
Creating Charts and Graphs
  Charts and Graphs pt. 1 (04:38)
  Charts and Graphs pt. 2 (05:06)
Creating Project Schedule Diagrams
  Creating Calendars pt. 1 (04:18)
  Creating Calendars pt. 2 (05:23)
  Creating Timelines pt. 1 (04:17)
  Creating Timelines pt. 2 (05:17)
  Useful Web Sites (04:26)
  About the Author (02:41)

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Title: Microsoft Visio 2003
Author: Tim Warner
SKU: 33623
ISBN: 1-932808-68-x
Release Date: 2005-06-23
Duration: 10 hrs / 131 lessons
Work Files: No
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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