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Applications today have become sophisticated to an extent that a Help system is required for an average user to understand them. Adobe RoboHelp 6 (formerly Macromedia RoboHelp), is the fastest, easiest way to create professional Help systems and documentation for desktop and web-based applications, including .NET and Rich Internet Applications. Create Help systems that include Help topics, Table of Contents, Index, Glossary, context-sensitive Help, and more. Generate Help systems in any popular online Help format, plus press-ready printed documentation. VTC author, Eric Butow, teaches users the various types of projects that can be created using RoboHelp, component and design requirements for creating a fully functional Help system, how to convert an HTML Help project into different Help formats from a single source, and much, much more! To begin learning Adobe RoboHelp 6 today, simply click on one of the movie links below.

* Most techniques used in these videos are applicable to both RoboHelp 6 and X5. Techniques designed solely for RoboHelp 6 users are discussed as necessary.

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  About this Tutorial (02:15)
  New In RoboHelp X5 (03:09)
  New In RoboHelp 6 (01:38)
  Overview of RoboHelp (03:03)
  Project Types (01:55)
The RoboHelp Starter Window
  RoboHelp Central Tab (02:40)
  New Project Tab (02:18)
  Open Tab (01:53)
  Import Tab (02:04)
  Tools Tab (03:44)
Putting Your Options In Order
  The General Tab (04:05)
  The Tool Locations Tab (02:22)
  The BugHunter Tab (02:20)
  Link View Tab (01:59)
  Tools Tab (01:40)
  HTML Editor Tab (03:02)
  Smart Index Tab (02:30)
The New Project Wizard
  Start the Wizard (02:12)
  Select the Proper Plan (01:31)
  Enter Project Information (01:55)
  The First Topic (01:46)
The RoboHelp HTML Window
  Three Panes: Left/Right/Output (02:42)
  TOC Tab (01:32)
  Index Tab (01:58)
  Glossary Tab (01:24)
  Tools Tab (02:35)
  WYSIWYG Tab (01:57)
  TrueCode Tab (01:52)
  Link View Tab (02:13)
  Topics Tab (01:57)
  Output Tab (01:32)
  BugHunter Tab (01:44)
  Toolbars (02:11)
  Change Your Views (02:21)
Creating a HTML Help Project
  Change Your First Topic (01:58)
  Add a New Topic (02:58)
  Change Text In the Topic Page (03:49)
  Change Style Sheets (03:12)
  Change Your Skin pt. 1 (02:53)
  Change Your Skin pt. 2 (01:31)
Add Elements to the Help Project
  Add a Table (01:50)
  Add a Hyperlink (03:16)
  Add a Popup (02:51)
  Add a Bookmark (02:01)
  Add Images & Other Multimedia (03:26)
  Add DHTML Effects (02:19)
  Add See Also (04:22)
  Add Related Links (02:39)
  Add a Shortcut to Run Other Programs (02:37)
  Add a Text Box & Marquee (02:23)
  Add a Form & Elements (02:47)
  Build a Non-Scrolling Region (05:46)
Building Your HTML Help Project Structure
  Auto-Create a Table of Contents (TOC) (01:46)
  Drag Topics Into Your TOC (01:29)
  Create a New TOC Page (03:05)
  Create a New TOC Book (03:13)
  Arrange Your TOC (02:11)
  Use the Smart Index Wizard (03:39)
  Drag Topics Into Your Index (00:58)
  Add a New Index Keyword (01:37)
  Arrange Your Index (02:12)
  Add a New Term Into the Glossary (01:13)
  Add a New Term Definition (02:07)
Check Your HTML Help Project
  Change Project Settings (02:05)
  Change Project Properties (02:39)
  Altering the Help Window (03:36)
  Preview Your Topic (01:59)
  Check Your Links (02:41)
  Check Your Bookmarks (02:15)
  Check Your Spelling & Use the Thesaurus (02:24)
  Find & Replace (03:36)
  Save the Project (01:35)
  Compile the Project (02:41)
  View the Compiled Project (01:57)
  Killing Bugs (03:08)
Creating Projects from a Single Source
  Create a WebHelp Project (05:31)
  Create a WebHelp Pro Project (04:24)
  Create FlashHelp (04:08)
  Create Printed Documentation (05:12)
  Create XML Output (02:40)
Creating a WinHelp 2000 Help System
  Open a WinHelp 2000 Help Project (02:44)
  RoboHelp Explorer Window (03:42)
  Word Toolbar (01:42)
  Changing Your First Topic (02:18)
  Add a New Topic (02:40)
  Change Text In the Topic Page (02:31)
Building a WinHelp 2000 Help System
  Add a Table (02:31)
  Add a Jump (02:27)
  Add a Popup (01:50)
  Add Keywords (05:02)
  Add Images & Other Multimedia (01:49)
  Add Hotspots (03:14)
  Add Index Marker (02:37)
  Create a Table of Contents (03:19)
  Create an Index (04:09)
  Test Your Help System (01:22)
  Save/Compile/Run Your Help System (02:48)
Building Your First HTML Help System
  Create the Help System & Your Styles (03:52)
  Build Non-Scrolling Topic Pages (02:11)
  Build Framesets (02:21)
  Fill In Your Topics (04:32)
  Add Links & Bookmarks (02:46)
  Create the TOC (01:22)
  Create the Index (01:07)
  Create the Glossary (01:36)
  Check the Project Spelling/Links/Bookmarks (03:51)
  Compile & View the Project (02:22)
  Change & Customize the Help Window Skin (02:16)
  Convert the Project to WebHelp (02:28)
Using New RoboHelp 6 Features
  Add Global Defined Variables (02:14)
  Insert Mark of the Web Comment (01:29)
  Apply Conditional Build Tags (05:24)
  Use the Glossary Wizard from the Glossary Tab (00:34)
  Use the Enhanced Edit Map ID Dialog Box (02:12)
  Import Word Documents with Less Re-Editing (02:20)
  View Additional Reports (01:38)
  Compile Help Projects from the Command Line (02:42)
Using New RoboHelp 6 Input & Output Tools
  Open RoboScreenCapture (01:24)
  Customize RoboScreenCapture Options & Tools (02:35)
  Capture a Screen (01:31)
  Edit & Save a Screen (04:47)
  Acquire an Image (01:18)
  Open an Existing Image (00:56)
  Access Adobe Captivate (01:47)
  Generate a PDF File (01:26)
Using RoboSource Control
  Open RoboSource Control Explorer (01:47)
  Edit RoboSource Options (01:57)
  Open a New Database (01:57)
  Add Files/Folders/Trees (01:00)
  Check Files In & Out (01:26)
  Check the File Status & Recent Changes (01:18)
  Find Information in a File (01:17)
  Send a Message to Other Users (00:47)
Course Wrap Up
  Conclusion (01:12)
  About this Author (00:31)

Title Information / Pricing

Title: Adobe RoboHelp 6
Author: Eric Butow
SKU: 33748
ISBN: 1-933736-70-4
Release Date: 2007-03-09
Duration: 6 hrs / 135 lessons
Work Files: Yes
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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