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If you are looking for employment within corporate desktop publishing departments, learning Adobe PageMaker is a must! Adobe PageMaker 7.0 is a high-end professional publishing program, and is heavily used in many corporate production environments, as well as some studios and magazines. Virtual Training Company\'s tutorial will have you using this page layout application with ease in no time. Brian White starts the tutorial with the basics, which includes the toolbox and pointer tool, various views, and moving and resizing objects. He then explains the use of guides and rulers, various drawing tools, and fills and outlines, including setting a tint and how to create and edit colors. You will then learn the difference between frames and blocks and how to use them, how to format and work with text, and how to add graphics and tables. You will also learn how to take advantage of PageMakerÕs newest feature, date merging. To get started, just click one of the topics below.

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  Intro to Adobe PageMaker 7 (02:50)
  The Page Maker Window (05:44)
  The Toolbox and Pointer Tool (03:26)
  Views - Fixed Views (03:06)
  Views - Zoom In/out (02:13)
  Views - Zoom Tool (03:17)
  Moving Objects (02:11)
  Resizing Objects (03:15)
  Cut Copy and Paste (03:23)
  Paste Multiple (01:42)
  Adding and Deleting Pages (03:10)
  Selecting Multiple Objects (05:05)
  Hand Tool (01:52)
  Undo and Revert (03:20)
Guides and Rulers
  Setting Margins (04:52)
  Setting Column Guides (05:03)
  Ruler Guides (02:53)
  Viewing and Locking Guides (02:42)
  Clearing the Guides (02:38)
Drawing Tools
  Drawing Lines (03:04)
  Rectangles and Ovals (02:03)
  Rounded Corners (01:45)
  Polygons (02:29)
  Modifying Polygons (02:04)
Fills and Outlines
  Outline and Stroke (03:33)
  Transparent Stroke (01:17)
  Basic Fills (01:29)
  Color Fills (02:44)
  Types of Color (02:57)
  Creating Spot Color (04:05)
  Creating CMYK colors (01:08)
  Creating RGB Colors (01:34)
  Setting a Tint (01:46)
  Using the Color Pallet (04:17)
  Creating Deleting and Editing Colors (02:55)
  Creating Default Colors (01:03)
  Importing Colors (01:11)
  Importing Colors with EPS files (03:05)
Frames and Blocks
  Frames vs. Blocks (02:44)
  Text Blocks (03:19)
  Threading Text (03:34)
  Threading Text Automatically (04:03)
  Deleting Blocks (01:28)
  Cutting and Pasting Blocks (02:31)
  Text Frames (03:09)
  Linking Text Frames (04:00)
  Frame Options (03:27)
  Frame Shapes (03:16)
  Separating Frames (02:04)
Control Pallet I
  Intro to Control Pallet (01:34)
  Control Pallet Basics I (01:31)
  Control Pallet Basics II (01:47)
  Control Pallet Basics III (04:06)
  Control Pallet Basics IV (02:40)
Working with Text
  Selecting Text (03:21)
  Changing Fonts I (02:14)
  Changing Fonts II (03:22)
  Managing Fonts (03:35)
  True Type vs. Type 1 Fonts (01:53)
  Font Size (03:00)
  Type Styles (02:30)
  Warning - Type Styles (02:34)
  Sub/Super Script (02:33)
  Caps and Small Caps (01:58)
  Changing Case (01:36)
  Tracking (02:40)
  Expert Tracking (01:57)
  Breaking Text (00:53)
  Kerning (03:15)
  Baseline Shift (02:22)
  Character Scaling (01:18)
  Leading (03:40)
Working with Paragraphs
  Intro to Paragraph Formatting (01:56)
  Justification (02:40)
  Indents (02:25)
  Space Above and Below (02:40)
  Orphan and Widow Control (01:49)
  Keeping Lines Together (01:13)
  Column and Rule Breaks (01:39)
  Rules Above and Below (04:54)
  Advanced Rules (02:52)
  Balancing Columns (01:51)
  Align Paragraph to Grid (01:58)
Tabs and Indents
  Setting Indents (02:24)
  Creating Hanging Indents (04:04)
  Setting Tabs I (03:15)
  Setting Tabs II (02:54)
Paragraph Styles
  Intro Paragraph Styles (01:24)
  Creating Styles I (04:42)
  Creating Styles II (04:35)
  Creating Styles III (03:01)
  Mixed Styles (04:10)
  Style Tags (01:58)
  Next Style (02:09)
  Importing Styles (01:24)
Working with Graphics
  Place vs. Cut and Paste (01:11)
  Cutting and Pasting (01:44)
  Linking and Embedding (02:29)
  Placing and Linking Images (04:45)
  Replacing Images (02:11)
  Inserting Into Frames (01:33)
  Working with Graphic Frames I (03:07)
  Working with Graphic Frames II (03:45)
  Separating Content from Frame (02:20)
  Cropping and Panning Cropped Images (02:34)
  Creating a Keyline I (02:55)
  Creating a Keyline II (03:51)
Manipulating with the Control Palette
  Intro (01:21)
  Positioning (04:27)
  Scaling I (04:02)
  Scaling II (03:06)
  Magic Scale (01:39)
  Rotating (03:42)
  Skew (01:08)
  Mirror (01:48)
  Anchoring the Proxy Button (01:45)
  Removing Transformations (00:52)
Arranging Objects
  Order (03:38)
  Align (03:10)
  Distribute (03:49)
  Grouping (02:40)
  Masking (03:01)
  Text Wrap (05:06)
  Irregular Text Wrap (02:58)
  Locking Position (01:08)
  Image Control (02:32)
  Bitmap Effects (01:08)
  Non Printing Items (00:56)
Story Editor
  Opening Story Editor (02:56)
  Formatting in Story Editor (01:42)
  Find and Change (02:59)
  Finding Special Characters (02:08)
  Spell Check (02:51)
  Using Styles (03:02)
  Editor Defaults (01:18)
Misc Text
  Bullets and Numbers (04:07)
  Special Characters (03:19)
  Drop Caps (02:06)
  Inline Graphics (01:55)
Working in Long Documents
  Document Set-up (06:23)
  Setting Up Master Pages (05:41)
  Adding Page Numbers (03:11)
  Advanced Numbering (01:42)
  Multiple Master Pages I (02:38)
  Multiple Master Pages (03:37)
  Overriding Master Pages (02:46)
  Intro to Layers (03:05)
  Order on Layers (04:03)
  Creating a New Layer (02:55)
  Moving in Longer Documents (01:47)
  Slide Show (01:13)
  View in High Res (04:49)
  Sorting Pages (01:48)
  Managing Links (03:12)
Adobe Table
  Intro to Table (02:31)
  Entering data (01:47)
  Importing Data (02:34)
  Selecting Cells (02:34)
  Formatting Text (02:18)
  Cell Width and Height (01:39)
  Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns (01:17)
  Formatting Cell Outlines (03:38)
  Formatting Fills (02:36)
  Final Formatting (03:02)
  Exporting Tables (02:03)
  Linking and Updating (01:35)
  Intro to Printing (02:01)
  Printing Options I (04:34)
  Printing Options II (04:41)
  Printing Separations (05:42)
  Exporting to PDF (03:23)
  Saving For Service Bureau (05:08)
  Build Booklet (03:19)
  Defaults (02:21)
  Overprinting and Trapping (04:55)
  PageMaker ClipArt and Images (02:04)
  Picture library (01:58)
  Templates (01:40)
  Data Merge I (02:39)
  Data Merge II (04:03)
  About the Author (00:29)

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Title: Adobe PageMaker 7
Author: Brian White
SKU: 33328
ISBN: 1889347264
Release Date: 2002-09-15
Duration: 8.5 hrs / 181 lessons
Work Files: No
Captions: No
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
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