Software Training Tutorials on CD

VTC Software Training CDs

VTC Training VTC's software training CDs provide a fast, easy, inexpensive, and highly effective method for computer learning. Here are the some of the key features of our training CDs:

  • More than 400 training titles available
  • An average of 8 hours training with each course
  • Entire course in one package (not sold as separate chapters like some of our competitors)
  • Unique compression allows us to put up to 8 hours of high quality audio and video on a single disk
  • Compatible with PCs and Mac
  • All training taught by experts in their respective field
  • Content delivered in a easy-to-follow format, allowing for easy learning regardless of learning style (auditory or visual)
  • Repeat lessons anytime you like, from anywhere you like (you can't do that with classroom training!)

The high quality of VTC training has earned us a diverse clientele including:
  • Students (Post Secondary, Secondary, Primary)
  • Instructors and Teachers
  • Small Business
  • IT Professionals
  • Blue Chip and Fortune 500 Corporations
  • Government and Military
  • Wide variety of computer enthusiasts world wide

Also available as multi user titles

VTC Training CDs are also available as multi-user CDs, installed on your intranet webserver. Pricing is for concurrent user access to each title, US$500 for a 10 user license. Please contact your VTC office for availability and ordering.
VTC Player Download

Updated - 2012/06/28

The VTC Player allows users to play VTC tutorials via the Web or a CD. It is constantly under development, so please let us know your thoughts and ideas on how it works for you, as well as any features you would like to see added.

MAC (Intel) VTC Player (.dmg) (3.6mb)

MAC (PowerPC) VTC Player (.dmg) (3.8mb)

 WIN VTC Player (.zip) (3.5mb)

* Linux users click here.


The VTC Player FAQ page provides additional helpful information.